Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Not too long ago, we read the first chapter of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life for book club. It was interesting, it was intriguing, but I just kept wondering what questions I should be asking? (Of course, it would probably help if I read the rest of the book...)

Recently, I've been reading Chieko Okasaki's book Cat's Cradle. In it, she gave an example of a sister who was visiting a drought-stricken country and meeting with some women of different faiths. They had tried everything they could think of, and finally they asked her to pray to her God for rain. She felt panicked. She had no idea what to do or say, and she offered a quick, silent prayer of: What do you want me to say to these women? She received her answer immediately, and they were soon blessed with rain.

This got me thinking. What if it's as simple as just slightly re-phrasing some of my questions? What if instead of saying, Please help me to know how I can help the women I visit teach, and then going about my day, I asked, What can I do for Sister D.? and then waited for an answer? Instead of Help us to make our Primary a place where the children can feel safe and loved, What can I do to show more love to the Primary children?

It seems to move me from merely expressing a desire for direction to expecting that inspiration will be forthcoming.

It is so small, so simple, and yet it feels like an epiphany. I am definitely going to try it out.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing 20 questions. Your post helped me to realize I just need to start thinking before I ask.

Jill said...

I have felt the same way after reading Chapter 1 and keep wondering if I'm asking the right questions. It has definitely made me change the way I think.

patsy said...

what a simple, yet powerful concept.

I am praying in all new ways these days!

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