Thursday, January 04, 2007

100 things that make me who I am

  1. I am almost always too hot. I wish I was too cold and could just bundle up in cozy sweaters, blankets, and robes.
  2. My favorite smell ever is lemon verbena. When I was young I often wondered what it smelled like, because it was often referenced in books. Something along the lines of: "my mother always smelled of lemon verbena", so it piqued my curiosity. When we first lived in France I discovered that it is a very common scent there for soaps or lotions. I smelled it and quite enjoyed it, but it wasn't until I ate the best dessert of my life in a Parisian restaurant -- French toast made of brioche topped with lemon verbena ice cream and surrounded by creme anglaise -- that I embraced it with all my heart.
  3. I love to wear socks, even to bed.
  4. I have been a passionate reader for as long as I can remember. (I guess that's not quite true, I can remember my dad teaching me to read.)
  5. I would take a nap every day, if circumstances allowed.
  6. I speak French, but not nearly as well as I used to.
  7. I teach piano lessons. I have had several students pass me in ability.
  8. I have 3 highly-sensitive children. I used to want 5, but now I don't think I could handle even one more.
  9. I am very shy until I get to know people, then I am pretty open.
  10. Because of my shyness, people often think I'm a snob.
  11. I want to lose 90 pounds. (!!)
  12. My fingernails grow in all crooked.
  13. I have had problems with humming at inappropriate times, because I was unaware that I was doing it. I think I have kicked this bad habit!
  14. My grandmother Charlotte is my hero.
  15. I would love to secretly learn Spanish one day and surprise my dad, a native Spanish-speaker. (He was raised in the Mormon colonies in Mexico.)
  16. I yearn to see Italy.
  17. I love architecture.
  18. Even though almost all of my family members have hypothyroidism and I have many symptoms, I have never tested positive.
  19. I had a natural childbirth. Once was enough.
  20. I love to take long baths and read in the tub, but I don't do it often enough.
  21. I wish I could get a pedicure once a month.
  22. My hair has the texture of a horse's tail.
  23. A hairdresser once told me it is virtually impossible to put too much product in my hair. I have tried, but I've never proven him wrong.
  24. I stuff my feelings.
  25. I was quite the rebellious teenager.
  26. I don't enjoy teenagers.
  27. I love water, but I am a terrible swimmer.
  28. I vowed when my first child was born that I would not let my body image problems keep me from taking my kids swimming. I quite often regret that vow when summer rolls around!
  29. I planned to graduate from college, start my career, and buy my own home before I got married. (My grandmother told me those were famous last words.)
  30. I met Marc on my first day at BYU, got married when I was 20, and never graduated. (I did 2 years at BYU and 3 years part-time at the University of Washington.)
  31. I love to sing and I'm an alto.
  32. As an adult, I used to be part of an 8-part a capella group. We recorded songs in our leader's basement recording studio. I miss that.
  33. My babies have never liked me to sing them lullabies.
  34. I fall asleep when we watch movies unless we have all the lights on and I am working on a project. (just ask my book club friends!)
  35. I fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I also snore (gasp!).
  36. I am addicted to m&ms.
  37. I love ruby red grapefruit Crystal Light.
  38. I once had a boyfriend hold a boombox outside my window and play In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, just like in Say Anything! He was quite the romantic.
  39. When I was about 22, I decided I wanted to learn to quilt. I don't have any heirlooms, so I thought I'd create some. I also thought I should do my part to keep a dying women's art alive. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is a whole quilting industry and it is very alive and well!
  40. I love, admire, and envy good photography.
  41. If I went back to school, I would study graphic design or photography.
  42. I love to bake.
  43. I love made-from-scratch cake.
  44. I hate to iron and avoid it at all costs, much to the dismay of my mother and grandmother.
  45. I love to make lists, and will quite often add an item to my list just for the satisfaction of crossing it off.
  46. I have been on anti-depressants for 13 years, but I have never needed them during pregnancy.
  47. I would love to be a doula, a lactation consultant, or a labor & delivery nurse.
  48. I have been friends with Jill for over 17 years!!
  49. I adore ribbon.
  50. I thoroughly enjoy receiving handmade gifts.
  51. I used to be a worrywart when I was young, but I have overcome it and now I hardly ever worry.
  52. I don't really consider myself to be a creative person, but I am darn good at copying other people's ideas!
  53. I wish I had as many ideas as Marc or Kristi.
  54. I wish I could wear more cute shoes. (My arches have fallen and my feet are extremely wide.)
  55. I'd like to paint my kitchen cabinets black.
  56. I never seem to have enough bookshelves.
  57. I love to play cards.
  58. I am terribly afraid of heights.
  59. I can never remember the details about books I've read or movies I've seen. That's one reason I love the book Jenn made for our book club last year where we can record the books we read, the author, # of pages, and room for notes. Jill had the genius idea to write keywords that will be memory triggers. Now I can look through there and remember what I read! (Quite often, I will tell someone I have never seen a certain movie. Then Marc will tell me we saw it together. Oops!)
  60. I am terrible at keeping in touch (hooray for blogging!).
  61. I am constantly wondering if I actually said something to someone or just thought about saying it.
  62. I have discovered that I really enjoy other people's dogs. Sure wish I had had that realization before we got a dog. A big dog, whose hair is literally everywhere.
  63. I love cute dish towels.
  64. I love anything with a toile print.
  65. I have always wished that I had specialized in something. I'm not really good at any one thing.
  66. I worry about what my children will end up resenting me for.
  67. I hate going to parties, I am too shy and I hate making small talk.
  68. I am a pathological homebody.
  69. I am probably too easy-going.
  70. So far, I enjoy getting older.
  71. I wish my parents lived closer (they're in PA).
  72. In fact, I wish my whole family could live on a compound together.
  73. I had recurring nightmares about our house burning down for years as a child. When Jessie was born, they intensified because then there was a baby to rescue from the inferno. Occasionally I would wake from one of these dreams and be unsure about its veracity, causing me to tiptoe around and make sure everyone was still OK, then sobbing uncontrollably after ensuring their safety. (I told you I used to be a worrier! Classic oldest child.)
  74. I couldn't even light matches until well after I got married.
  75. I have always loved to do things with my hands.
  76. I used to wear 3 earrings in one ear, but took 2 out when President Hinckley advised against it. (It took me a month to comply! I finally realized that if it was such a struggle for me, that was reason enough to do it.)
  77. I love fresh flowers, especially tulips, lilacs, zinnias, ranunculus, hydrangeas, and gardenias.
  78. I wish my body could be like it was when I was 16, but I sure don't want to go back to that age!
  79. I struggle every day to figure out how to be a better mother to my children.
  80. I have had kidney stones (oh please, never again!)
  81. I enjoy gardening, but I can't keep houseplants alive for anything.
  82. I don't cry often.
  83. There are hardly any foods I don't like, but I can't stand french toast.
  84. I am never bored.
  85. I love to type. I sometimes find myself typing out dialogue in a movie, or typing the signs that I pass by in the car.
  86. I have a photographic memory for spelling.
  87. Mis-spelled words make me crazy, especially on signs or in published works.
  88. I wish I were a writer.
  89. I enjoy perfumes that are based on food scents.
  90. I crave solitude, but rarely get it.
  91. I collect recipes and love to try new ones, especially for company.
  92. I am a horrible phone-talker. Sometimes I want to hang up on myself.
  93. I am too hard on myself.
  94. I LOVE monograms. (printed, embroidered, all kinds!) I bought a book on hand-embroidering monograms. So far I have only done it once, for my mom. I am completely jealous of all of you who have embroidery machines.
  95. I wish I had more cupboard space so I could buy more dishes.
  96. I need to learn to throw things away.
  97. I love herbal teas with flavored creamers.
  98. As a rule, I don't like to drink calories.
  99. I sincerely wish I were a better housekeeper, because I love to have a clean house but rarely do. (Who am I kidding? Really I wish I could just hire a housekeeper.)
  100. I want to improve nearly every aspect of my life.


Anonymous said...

Your list is amazing Michelle! I was hoping you would do one! I am more similar to a lot of them than I thought I would be:
-I would take a nap every day, if circumstances allowed
-I love to take long baths and read in the tub, but I don't do it often enough
-I was quite the rebellious teenager.
-I thoroughly enjoy receiving handmade gifts.
-I am constantly wondering if I actually said something to someone or just thought about saying it.
-I am never bored.
-I wish I could just hire a housekeeper.

I can't believe your babies didn't like their singer of a mom singing to them :(
I think you are way creative too! Taking inspiration from others and making it your own is a gift in itself.

Jill said...

Hooray, you made your list! It's marvelous. I'm a little surprised about some of the things I didn't know.
-How you discovered your love of lemon verbena (what happened to hating French toast?)
-I never knew you had a boyfriend who held a boombox outside your window! Oh la la.

Is it wrong that it makes me happy that you hate to iron?

Jenny said...

I am laughing about your peter gabriel thing. I think I dreamed of someone doing that for me one time. Sadly, it never happened. But my upstairs neighbors in Cambridge Court in Provo used to BLAR it. Good memories.

I am so envious of your french knowledge. How cool is it that you can speak and go visit it there? Thanks for sharing. I love reading about you.

Diana said...

I love your list. I wish that I were like you and Jessie, so introspecitive your list says so many things about you mine was mainly facts. Oh well something I could work on.
Your ability to create things is amazing to me. I'm jealous that you teach piano (and have the time with a one year old)
It's great to read your list and get to know you better.

Allison said...

Your list is great! I love to collect recipes as well. Check my blog out. I am doing a recipe exchange.

I am glad I am not the only one who hates to iron.

Laurie said...


I think you are a very interesting and talented person, and I know you weren't trying to come off that way. Your list painted a very genuine picture. I think it's neat that you overcame your worries, that you can teach piano, and that you appreciate things of beauty like dishes and ribbon. I laughed about the childhood dreams b/c it brought back the realization that I used to dream similarly and go check that my brother was still alive!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I, too, loved the creativity of your list...and your ability to express it. There is no "want to be a writer", because you are! You're a good one.

I also loved the depression picture of yesterday. It is a perfect depiction of how it feels.

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. I appreciate your abilities.

Anna said...

I too love ribbon and was impressed by your collection, especially the organization of the ribbon. How did you organize it? What kind of container is it in? I'm always looking for good suggestions on how to organize the piles of ribbon I have.

Kelly said...

I agree with Anna - your ribbon picture took my breath away. I would love to know how you did that.

I never thought I would find someone else who types when they are not really typing. I do that constantly. And I, too, had lemon verbena curiosities as a child from books -- what was that book? It's a wonderful smell!

Have you heard of Christy Tomlinson? She's a well-known scrapbooker with a blog She moved into an older home and re-did it themselves, and they painted her kitchen cabinets black and it turned out so beautiful. She has pictures on her blog (back a few months - maybe August or September).

jenn said...

I wondered too about the french toast thing- having remembered you hate french toast!

So many things I didn't know but reassuring how many I did know- I love "book club"!!

Amie said...

What a great list. I have been hoping you would post one.

I type in my head too, Jimmy has to tell me that I have seen that movie, I have no memory for what I read, I am never board, I love a long bath with a good book, etc. Of course we are very different with your French knowledge and my redneck knowledge but there are some similiarities too.

Tasha said...

Once again you are proving to be a kindred spirit!
I always wear socks to bed, every night! I love to read and always have, I would take a nap every day, I would LOVE to speak spanish, my grandpa was born in the colonies and both sides of Dave's families are from there (The Taylors and Macdonalds), I also wanted to learn to quilt so I would have something to pass on, thank goodness for Mindy! I also wish I was a writer, I wish I could set aside time each day to write...someday.

I think you should come to PA to visit your family so you can visit me!

rebecca said...

Oh, I so loved your list - thanks for making one! I always fall asleep during movies, too (ALWAYS), wear socks to bed, need a library to house my books and I love the interesting tidbits you included, like wanting to hang up on yourself! Perfectly worded, and don't we all feel that way now and again!
I felt too embarrassed to ask Jill to invite you to dessert - I should have done it!

Kristi Brooke said...

ok this was amazing. i do remember you being a great singer and good speller.
love the quilt comment, i remember seeing your quits in your basement in seattle they were so cool. the black and white one Marc was doing.

just think you and ms. beattle with the lemon verbena.
i love to make lists but never finish them.
ok next time you go to PA you must go to the ribbon outlet is on the border of PA/MD.
I love you michelle and loved reading your list.

melanie said...

I am so glad you did a list, I have been waiting like the rest!

We share-
a love for monograms, all things toile , I would love black kitchen cabinets, France has always been so mysterious to me and I would love to visit there. Oh and I love lemon verbena too, such a good smell.

I envy your creativity, your writing style and the fact that you can sing.

Price Cream Parlor said...

I have loved reading your blog but never commented until now. This 100 list is just pulling people together and I love it! I think that your photo on your blog of yourself on your header is so cute!- I too, am a worrier and felt that I also had to protect my family and would plan on how I would do so over and over in my mind. I also had to remove my much beloved 2nd earring in my one ear. I wouldn't have ever done it had it not been the prophet asking. I also love ribbons and find your collection/storage idea

amy wy. said...

#66--MY biggest fear MIchelle!

A teenage rebel huh?

Humming at appropriate times . . . I think that is plain endearing.

Lovely, lovely pictures! Especially the typewriter keys.

Dana said...

You are such a neat person and I hope not much more time passes before we get to meet each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list!


Jordan said...

Shortage of bookshelves at my house too! Great list, I feel like I know you that much better. Go take a long bath in the tub!!

Amy said...

Great list, Michelle. We have lots more in common that I ever thought. Lots. We'll have to talk about it sometime.

pam said...

You and I have much in common and I loved reading you list, thanks for sharing.

I'm envious of your ribbon.

cjw said...

I think these lists are so cool! I think I might do one myself actually. I too have a streak of shyness in me and many times I've been labeled as a snob--it is quite a social plight! I'm not an extremely outgoing person and usually with a bit of encouraging, I interact quite well with others--I'm glad someone shares that quality with me! I always thought I was pretty alone in that characteristic.

Liz said...

I love your list! SO much of it rings true for me! So fun to find similarities! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

stacys said...

Thank for letting us get to know you better! It was a great list that made me analyze myself as well.

Bridget said...

Wow, we have a lot in common! What is it with misspelled words on signs? Or the use of incorrect punctuations? I love to read as well and read a lot, but I too can never remember the details. This drives my husband crazy since he has a photographic memory. Thanks for sharing your list!

Crystalyn said...

i liked seeing what we have in common michelle. i especially love 99 and 100. i love your ribbon collection! and the way you keep it. it looks awesome. i too have so many books that most of them are boxed up. we need a library here also.

i think you are so talented and love reading about your creations and reading your thoughts.

amy m said...

I'm so glad you made a list. I love reading these things about you and getting to know you better. I had no idea you never graduated from college. I thought I was the only one. I say go back...I am in a couple of years when Meg goes to school full time.

I think your totally crazy saying you're not creative. You're sooo creative it makes me sick. I love all the things that you create especially your desserts. Your chocolate cake is awesome.

Dad said...

Hi Michelle,
Very much enjoyed reading your list...I can see so much of myself in you! However, you are much more talented! I am glad you enjoy protography...I can learn from you. You have a very good eye for composition. I also want to go to Italy. We should plan a trip some time...a very nice place to photograph...not to mention the food!!
Good luck on your exercize regime.

collette said...

I love your list Michelle - I was interested, curious & happy to find things about you that I didn't know.

ShawnaB. said...

What a fascinating, fabulous list! It was really fun to learn more about you. 15 weeks until Paris! I know I am a total stranger to you, but would it creep you out too much if I tagged along? :) I would LOVE to go to Paris. Someone who loves fleur de lis (what is the plural of that word?!) like I do really should go, don't you think? Never mind that I can't afford such a trip!

Anything lemon makes me smile. How great would that be if our own children would someday say that we smelled like "lemon verbena"?! Probably NOT going to happen in my case with my three sons. But you have a daughter, and therefore can hope!

Oh, you are a lucky girl with all that glorious ribbon!

Rebekah said...

I loved your comment about your feet. My arch has fallen on my right foot and I once had a podiatrist who flipped out when he saw how wide my feet were. The nerve...:). I just read your post about shoe shopping with your mom and I sympathize with your shoe envy. I'm always checking Zappos to see if they have any cute styles for my Hobbit feet. I'm getting two pairs in this week and I'm praying they'll fit!

Crystal said...

Stumbled upon your blog....

Love this list. I'm inspired to write one for me.

I'll have to stop back in another time.

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