Saturday, March 14, 2009

wish BIG

I was really inspired by Hannah's list of 101 things she wants to do. I started working on my own and found it much harder than I anticipated! In fact, I could only come up with 50 items. (But I reserve the right to make additions to the list, if/when I think of new ideas.)

I'm posting this on my birthday as a personal reminder of the things I hope to accomplish in this new year of my life. I will add it to my sidebar and update it periodically. Here's to wishing BIG!

1. learn to knit
2. finish Bob's Blurb book (!)
3. finish bookshelves
4. implement the chore stick system
5. sort through the kids' clothes
6. get the black shelf hung in the entryway
7. purge/organize hall closets
8. brush up on my French (for real this time)
9. remove 20 pounds
10. start strength training again
11. increase duration and difficulty of cardio
12. publish year 1 of my blog
13. stay in a bed & breakfast
14. make family prayer a habit
15. get everyone involved in planning FHE (rotation)
16. paint touch-up in main living area
17. get garage completely cleaned up!
18. organize food storage and make a plan
19. read the manual for my new camera
20. use tag books more frequently
21. figure out solution for Max's schooling for Fall semester in Paris
22. learn more about couponing
23. print photos monthly
24. sew a dress for Eva
25. (re-)learn to crochet
26. send out Christmas cards
27. get back to piano lessons with Lucas and be consistent
28. enroll Eva in swim lessons
29. read 5 books in one month
30. remove another 20 pounds
31. come up with a new blogger birthday gift
32. pay off credit card debt with our tax refund
33. check into a pediatric immunologist
34. expand my bread-making repertoire
35. turn Eva's room into a big-girl room
36. purge my scrapbooking supplies
37. do better at remembering nieces' and nephews' birthdays
38. enroll Lucas in a sports camp
39. give Eva her first real birthday party
40. stretch
41. write and send more notes just because
42. re-commit to regular flossing
43. plant something with Eva so she doesn't lose her interest in gardening
44. take the boys on more dates
45. seriously look for meaningful service opportunities
46. be a better visiting teacher
47. be more mindful of taking opportunities to teach my children
48. strive to return to intuitive eating
49. keep looking for handmade gift ideas and keep good records of said ideas
50. pray always


Shawna B. said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear Michelle! You deserve a celebration ... I hope there's a big one in store! Or a small, quiet one. Just something special for you.

I love your list - I kept nodding my head and thinking, "I want to do that, too." Thanks for the inspiration.

I think you are remarkable.

Amy said...

First, . . . . . .


I look forward to hearing about your progress in all of these things. I know you can accomplish them all.

Have a wonderful day!

patsy said...


I hope you are doing something Fantastically Fun today :)

great to do list...

yes- inspiring

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday!
What a great list. So many are on my mental list. I need to write it down. Today is my babies 1st birthday too!

amy m said...

I've wanted to do a list like this as well, but it seems so daunting I wonder if I'd even get 50. Really like your title.

Happy happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Denise said...

Hope your birthday is relaxing, enjoyable, and as wonderful as you are!

I love lists, but confess I am daunted by the prospect of ones like yours. I haven't even done a "100 Things About Me" list, but want to.

Please keep me in mind when you get to #36 :).

Barb said...

Oh, I have a perpetual #27. Sheesh.
I have to ask: What are tag books?
Last week I rented the movie A Walk to Remember (sappy teen romance) and I really liked that the girl had a list of things she wanted to do in her life. I've been pondering on making my own list of things, large and small. Here you've done it!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Your list is's to all of your big wishes coming true! You can do it!

Hope your day is happy!

Anonymous said...

Wish big. I love this happy birthday

Jen said...

fabulous! have a fantastic birthday, michelle!!!

i love your list. you're pretty amazing with the things you do- i love seeing the fruits of your labors. :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

A great BIG Happy Birthday to you, Michelle. I hope you have had a grand day.

I love this list. I thought #40 was a good one, I'd have never thought of that and yet it feels so good. Good idea.

I also thought that #44 would pay you huge dividends now and forever. I really hope you get that one done, 'cause that has such big payoffs.

I could comment on each one! I'm excited to hear as you do these things.

Again, a happy, happy birthday.

I also

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!!

I haven't attempted a list like this yet, so I guess "make a wish big list" should be on one of my to-do lists somewhere.

I think you've done so well at so many of these things and are making progress on many others, that has got to be satisfying!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday! I like your list! I hope you are able to accomplish many of these things!

shannon said...

Look how many great things on this list you've already accomplished...

I think this is a great idea (especially for a birthday post)
Birthdays are such a great time to take stock in what your accomplishments are and what you still want to learn and work on...

I want to do one of these lists, I'm just a bit nervous because once it's on a list, I start obsessing over getting things done...That's the O.C.D. in me, I guess!

Hope you had a great day!

everything pink! said...

ok now I can really say Happy Birthday, now that I can log in.
I hope it was a great day.

Kim Sue said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Love this list!

rmt said...

Love your list! I was inspired by Hannah's list, too, and made one of my own. I have loved crossing things off my list as I accomplish them! It is a good feeling, and you have made a lot of progress with yours already! Keep it up!

Kelly said...

What a fabulous list! It will be great to look back on, having checked so many things off.

Crystalyn said...

been out of town but wanted to hop on and wish you a HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! i hope it was a fabulous day.

love your list idea!

Amanda L. said...

Fabulous list.

Hope you had a nice birthday.

Anonymous said...

I love your list Michelle! What a great idea to post it on your birthday too. #49 is something I am working on big time, now to actually implement them!

Oh- and I have a great everyday bread recipe I will send you to try out if you are interested. I am amazed how much I like it and it takes under an hour from start to finish. I have made 6 loaves since last Thursday!

rebekah said...



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