Saturday, May 19, 2012

another dream come true

In an academic world where very few people ever read the work that you agonize and toil over, Marc has always yearned to write something that would appeal to the masses.

With his photography, as well, he has dreamed of creating something with such wide appeal that he could see it on the shelves of Target someday.

In the last couple of years or so, he has been licensing some of his work to an art agency. He heard recently that there was a European company that wanted to make a few of his photos into postcards. He mentioned in passing that it would be thrilling to happen upon his postcards while in Paris.

A couple of days ago, I opened my email to find these:

Here he is, outside of a store that carries his postcards! He bought them just as the store was closing.
Hooray for dream fulfillment!
{Of course, he still wouldn't say no to a deal with Target.}


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That's great! How fun that it finally came about. It really is about persevering, isn't it?

Jill said...

How cool is that?!!!

patsy said...

this is so AMAZING!

way to go marc- I am just so thrilled for him

Diane said...

WOW! That is amazing and to see them in Paris - What a dream fulfilled. I am so excited for him!

TX Girl said...

LOVE IT! It's nice when dreams are fulfilled.

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