Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday thoughts

At my Institute class on Thursday, we were talking about Ezra, and we read the entry for him in the Bible Dictionary. The most interesting part to me is the following, which summarizes Ezra's teachings:

1. The promises of the Lord through his prophets shall all be fulfilled.
2. Discipline and patience are borne of disappointment.
3. There is eternal significance in everyday life.
4. Preparation is needed for the rule of Messiah, the law being the schoolmaster to bring men to Christ.

I especially love #3, and believe it wholeheartedly. But it's the kind of thing that, for me at least, bears repeating. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the things I do everyday matter, and that I need to be careful about my choices, my priorities.

I was just reading in my Book of Mormon commentary: We have agency, and the way we use our agency determines our future. Of course I know this, but it is so important, and it is a good reminder. It is also something that I really want to instill in my children.

I also believe that there is much beauty in everyday life.

Here is one of the most beautiful things that happened last week:

I think I have mentioned before that our new bishop interviews the sacrament meeting speakers each week and includes a little bio in the program. Since Lucas spoke last week, his bio was there, and it mentioned a love of peanut butter.

When Max went to a neighbor's house to teach a cello lesson (a new job!), our neighbors sent him home with a package for Lucas. Inside was a jar of peanut butter and a sweet card complimenting him in detail on the good job he did on his talk.

It was the nicest thing, and it touched me. Just an example of how everyday acts, gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness and goodness, can make our everyday lives significant and beautiful.

I really love the way acts of kindness have a domino effect, inspiring us to be more kind and think more of others.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love being reminded of this. Thank you Michelle.

What a great idea for the bishop to help all to be included in new ward boundaries.

I agree. That was a very kind and thoughtful gesture. Very kind.

I was thinking the other day about the pink Christmas gift you made for me that first year. (Actually, I think about it a lot as I use it and see it, but in specific . . .) I was thinking about all the effort it took for you to make it and how a lasting friendship was built because of the effort you made to be kind and to include my likes (colors and subject matter). Thank you. You are a living object lesson on this topic you wrote about today.

Jill said...

I should spend more time reading the Bible dictionary because every time I do I come away feeling blessed with a new profundity!

Charlotte said...

First off, every time I've seen pictures of Lucas lately, he's been looking so grown up!

I love the truth that every day holds eternal significance. What a wonderful insight.

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