Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creative Friday

Monday was a minimal day at school (oh, joy!). That meant that Jill and Landon were able to get here by 2:15, and Lucas didn't have play rehearsal! It felt like oh so long since we had gotten together. (Remember I lost a good chunk of time in January/early February.)

In addition to bringing me a Sonic drink (such a treat), Jill also gave me giant pink ric rac and the cutest polka dot tape! She totally knows what I like.

Lucas is thrilled to be growing! He is about the same height as me now, and he checks daily to see if he has passed me up. He and Landon had to measure themselves against each other. Looks like a draw to me.

Creative Friday is the one time I can have a hugely messy table and it doesn't bother me one bit. (I have a messy table plenty of other times, but it bugs me.)

I had made some salted caramel rice krispie bars that I found on Pinterest. They sounded delicious and smelled great, but we couldn't decide if we liked them or not. We had to taste a few to determine our reaction. I'm still not sure, but my boys loved them.

Eva went home with a friend that day, but she later came home and joined us at the table to finish working on her valentines for school. We printed them out and got everything assembled over the weekend, so I'm not sure why it took so long to just write the names on, but it was quite the laborious process. She was ready to give up at the end, so Jill and I helped her to tape on the last few treats. But of course she had it in her to make an extra one for Whitney!

Jill made and wrote cards and got some good mail packages ready to go. Always so satisfying. I have absolutely no idea what my claw-like hands are doing in this photo.

I worked on valentines, which I have been sending out in batches this week. I figure belated valentines are better than none at all, right? Also, I love wool felt. So much.


Charlotte said...

I love love love your Valentine! It's perched in my book right now. And really, I'm just so impressed that you have the foresight to plan and make and send out Valentines to so many people. I managed to send out store-bought cards to my family, and that's about it.

I'm so glad you and Jill got a Creative Friday. And I can't believe how grown-up Lucas is looking--he's not a little kid anymore!

Love you!

Jill said...

Your valentines turned out so cute and I was actually surprised when I received mine!

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