Monday, July 19, 2010

Seattle, day 1

On our first day in Seattle, I discovered what would be the best part of the trip for me: I got to sleep in! Eva was sharing a bed with Lucas in the second bedroom and Max slept in a murphy bed in the family room. So when Eva woke up, instead of calling to me as she does every morning, she woke up Lucas! He was such a good sport and played her imaginary games with her until the rest of us got up, which was substantially later. He's pretty much my hero.

Since we were staying downtown, we could walk to a lot of places we wanted to visit. Eva's still so small, she can still fit in her stroller, which is convenient when we're doing a lot of walking. We had to stop to pet a lot of dogs, though.

Our first stop was Le Panier at Pike Place Market for some breakfast pastries. We sat on a grassy hill and watched the "Danger Danger Magic Show" while we ate (basically a street performer/juggler). The kids thought it was hilarious.

I'm not sure who left this watermelon on the grass, but it says summer to me.

Next stop: the aquarium.

Some of the starfish in the touch pool. When I see them all piled on top of each other like this, I wonder if they like to snuggle or just don't have anywhere else to go.

I love the contrast in the two girls' outfits.

This octopus was on the move, constantly whipping its tentacles around, and the school group standing in front of us couldn't get enough of it.

We saw another octopus in a different tank that was trying to reach through to get to the other one. It was sad, really.

Of course Eva loved the interactive play.

I don't really get this picture, but I think it's funny.

I can't even remember what they were all looking at now, I just liked seeing them all so engrossed.

And I don't know who this girl is, but I love the way she and the fish were checking each other out!

It's like he was posing.

Next stop: the Pacific Science Center.

This was a harbinger of happiness for Eva.

The first room we entered was filled with dinosaurs, and I thought we'd never get Eva to move on to the rest of the museum. (Carnivores are her special favorite.)

This is just so Max. He probably understands what it means. (Don't ask me.)

This is for you, Jess!

Oh great, Lucas is camouflaged in this shot...

They got to make paper boomerangs and learn to fly them. Lucas turned out to be a great boomerang flyer, who knew?

We went into a tropical butterfly house, which was a hit with everyone. Max and I were excited to take pictures.

The others made fun of us, saying that we could just look with our eyes and enjoy the experience (as if). Eva was terribly disappointed that no butterflies landed on her.

The boys enjoyed the giant guitar and played it from the inside. We perused the gift shop for a bit, where Eva found her new very special T. Rex friend, Red Eye.

While we were looking around, Max realized that he didn't have his camera bag. He thought he had set it down outside the restrooms and forgot it. We quickly retraced our steps, but of course it was no longer there. Fortunately, some honest person found it and turned it in! We had to ask about 4 different people before we tracked it down, and they were all amazed that it was turned in because it's such a nice camera. Whew!! Thank you, stranger with integrity.

Max spent the next 1/2 hour beating himself up.

We returned to the hotel and I took the kids swimming briefly and then we went back to the room to watch So You Think You Can Dance (a family favorite).

We thought Marc's parents would have been proud of all we did on the first day. We almost kept pace with their energy level (but not quite).

I guess the only bad thing about the day was the fact that it was 95 degrees! In Seattle! With no A/C. Ugh. I so do not do well in the heat.


Jill said...

Woohoo for getting to sleep in!

I like to think of the animals at the aquarium putting on a show for everyone, so I'm glad that octopus was in good form that day.

I love the picture of the girl and the fish checking each other out, very cool!

I do believe that seagull was posing for real.

It's rather amazing that Eva loves dinosaurs so much considering all her fears. I guess she's comfortable with them because she knows they're extinct, but still it's surprising.

The camouflage picture is hilarious!

The butterfly pictures are so cool! That's pretty rich for the others to be making fun of your guys for taking pictures of them. Wasn't it Lucas that made you recreate certain events in Paris because he was so upset about deleting his photos?!

Phew, thank heaven Max's camera was turned in!!!!!!

Charlotte said...

I am simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the octopus.

Phew for someone turning in Max's camera! (I only wish people who ride the bus were as honest.)

And any vacation where you can do all that in one day and still come home and watch a favorite TV show is a good vacation!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LOVE seeing my world through your eyes! Hooray for mr. stranger with integrity.

I've never seen the aquarium look so good. Truly, things through your eyes look so beautiful. (I tend to think of the starfish as bored and frustrated, it's much better thinking of them as happily snug.)

I do look forward to seeing you eye to eye one day. Next time . . .

lelly said...

"he's pretty much my hero" LOVE IT!!

and i LOVE Seattle. haven't been back since about 1998, but your recaps are bringing it all back for me. i can smell the coffee roasting. (too bad about the heat and humidity!)

rebekah said...

Bless the Lucas child. Amen.

I want to ride in a stroller. Please?

I really like the colors of the starfish, and I always have to remind myself that when they're alive and underwater they are soft and bendy. What an interesting animal. Do you think they must have been one of God's freebies? Like, 'Here, these are super cute, you're going to love these. They look like STARS!!!'

Wait, what?! No A/C? Beg pardon?!

patsy said...

that is a great aquarium!
we took the kids there years ago-- as I was looking at Eva near the touch pool- chloe came in and commented on what a neat place. I said- you've been there! She could hardly believe me. She was about Eva's age & there was no blog in those days... I'm sure I have a picture in a rubbermaid box somewhere- bummer. mother guilt.

what a super fun day!!
I just cannot believe how hot is was! unbelievable- was it better than rain? I'm not sure I would think so??

Kim Sue said...

one day.....

Kelly said...

Again with the wonderful photos. I need lessons.

What a relief to have found Max's camera. Hooray for strangers with integrity!

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