Sunday, July 18, 2010

the road trip

Reluctant family self-portrait taken just before we departed for a long road trip to Seattle. (We broke it into two days to avoid complete road trip burn-out.) You can see Marc's joy and enthusiasm for self-portraits here, which is why I only took two the whole trip (sorry, Jill).

We had some good car entertainment.


We discovered that Eva can't look at books in the car. We stopped at a lot of rest stops.

{a sample of more on-the-road entertainment}

It was good to stop at a hotel and let the kids swim after being in the car all day.

Especially since I was reading poolside!

I find I really enjoy the drive through Idaho and Oregon, it's picturesque. (I especially enjoy it since Marc likes to drive the whole time, so I can read or doze or work on a project!)

Quite a combo of offerings at this roadside market.

Our second day seemed much shorter and we were excited to drive into Seattle!


Miranda said...

Yay Idaho! Yay Seattle! Also, I've painted that building, TWICE.

amyfm said...

I imagine that would be a beautiful drive.

I love the elders cute.

Michelle said...

I may need to start every day with the "Happy, happy, joy, joy" song. How can you not be in a good mood after hearing that?!

I hope we get to see you before you leave for your next trip!

patsy said...

ahh- the floating bridge...

so sorry he's sick!

Bugg's mama said...

I just love your photographs!

everything pink! said...

i love driving that bridge when we get there, but i can only imagine how excited you must have been to be there after living there!!!

Robyn said...

Those are some good sights. I can't believe the welcome home signs for the missionaries! Seriously, so funny.

Jared drives the whole time too- I love it! I usually get some great reading time in. Thank goodness I don't get car sick when reading.

I love stopping to swim or rest and break up a trip. We do that with Southern Cal and it's SOOO much better. We wake with renewed patience and excitement.

Charlotte said...

With Fantastic Mr. Fox as in-car entertainment, I don't know how you could go wrong!

Jill said...

I don't understand Marc's dislike for self-portraits, especially considering how rare it is for the family to be all together on a road trip!

Swimming seems like the perfect activity to combat the cooped up feeling of being in the car all day.

I just realized that it's a bit hilarious that Eva is still in her car seat...she's 5!

Price Cream Parlor said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about another sick one!! Not good!!!

Can't wait to see all your photos of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest!!!

Looks like some fun family fun

rebekah said...

I'm relieved that this was a 'happy, happy, happy' song. The alternative would not have been a pleasant road trip experience.

There are parts of the middle of nowhere that are so mind numbingly boring (CA to St. George), and then there are parts of the middle of nowhere that are so beautiful with the nowhere-ness and nothing-ness.

melanie said...

I love to stop at that fruit stand. They have yummy pepper jelly. Love your photos as always Michelle, you are so talented!

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