Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seattle, day 2

On our second day, we took the Monorail over to Seattle Center (again).

But this time, we hit the Experience Music Project (which was built after we moved to Utah), and the Science Fiction Museum. I think their logo is great.

This is just a section of the tower of instruments at the entrance, I couldn't capture them all. Max immediately spotted the cello.

It was originally going to be a Jimi Hendrix museum, but then it kept growing. This is a picture of one of the notebooks where he wrote his lyrics (I thought you would enjoy it, Jess).

This museum has a lot of fun interactive experiences. In one room, they were soliciting personal histories. You could go in and talk about whatever you wanted for 90 seconds. Eva talked about why she loves dinosaurs so much and sang her Out With the Dino-Dinosaurs song. Of course, we thought it was fabulous.

They had a display of costumes worn by The Supremes. Holy moly. Eva was smitten with all of the jewels and glitter.

But this one was my favorite.

There is an area where you can form an impromptu band and sing karaoke and play instruments while they make a recording. Before we had a chance to think of a name, Eva informed the employee that our band name was The Dino Rocks. She chose La Bamba, but we switched it to Twist & Shout, which we know better.

Lucas played drums, Max played guitar, and Eva was on keyboards with her eyes barely peeking over the instrument. Marc and I were on vocals with some percussion for good measure. It was totally hilarious. And Max went along with this under duress. (We decided to pass on the $25 DVD.)

There were lots of cubicles with different instruments and instructions to enable you to do some rudimentary playing. Lucas learned a bunch of keyboard hooks, including one from one of his favorite White Stripes song.

Marc had a great time in the singing sound studio. He tried to get me to do it, but I didn't know any of the songs.

Max and Lucas playing guitars. These private rooms have a 10-minute limit.

After lunch, we went to the Science Fiction Museum side. I didn't take many pictures there, it wasn't really my thing, but I think Marc and the boys enjoyed it.

Eva crashed, with Red Eye by her side. As we left the SciFi museum, we ran into the employee who helped us with the family band, and he said, "Oh no! The Dino Rocks rocked too hard!"

Marc and the boys went to explore and take pictures of the outside of the building, which is very funky, and I sat with Eva while she napped.

And tried to get a self-portrait with the Space Needle.

Incidentally, I brought my flat iron and had planned to actually fix my hair, but with the crazy heat and humidity, I had to go with the curly flow. About halfway through every day, I ended up with my hair up in a ponytail. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Next we went to the Space Needle. We'd never done that before, but we had bought city passes to get into most of the places we wanted to visit, and they included a trip to the top.

I am shocked that I caught Lucas without his hat on. He got a haircut right before we left on our trip, and they cut off much more than he specified. He hates it so much, he wears his hat all the time, right up until he goes to bed!

It was breezy up there, just the ticket on such a hot, muggy day.

We went back for a swim, and then I had to lie down and ice my knee – all that walking really did a number on it.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like such a great trip! Fun to do some family trips after the diaper and tantrum stages. I am looking forward to that.

lelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE jimi's journal! (pretty much love journals in general..)

i need a Seattle fix now! your family band is too funny. you certainly fit a lot into your first two days!

Charlotte said...

That Experience Music Project looks like so much fun! What a great way to have such an interactive museum. It looks like it was a really fun day!

Michelle said...

I really like Jimi Hendrix' handwriting...is that weird?

I can't wait to hear the debut of The Dino Rocks!

Jill said...

Riding the monorail looks fun!

Wow, the tower of instruments is amazing!

I love seeing Jimi's handwriting, very cool.

Eva's songs are always hilarious and entertaining.

The exhaustion of The Dino Rocks band is so funny.

I think it's pretty cool that you got to go up in the Space Needle since you've never done it before. The views are amazing!

rebekah said...

Little Eva's big personality is so cute. I love how focused she is on her love for dinosaurs. When choosing stuffed animal? Dinosaurs. Naming a band? Dinosaurs. Singing a song? Dinosaurs. Ha, ha!

Oh, to be a Supreme. I would look like a busted up Big Bird in that dress, but I would expect no less than feathers and sequins from Bob Mackie!

The Touch dress could easily be in a department store window today. The tied neck is fabulous.

It seems like a very well-planned and executed museum, one that would draw you in even if you weren't necessarily a big fan of the content.

patsy said...

HOooray you could see mount rainier- there's nothing like a clear day in Seattle, especially if you are on top of the Space Needle.

I used to dream of living in a cute little apartment, not far from there, when I was a teen. funny.

I love that picture of all the guitars- it seems like such a waist of instruments... but not really... but ya... ? I just love instruments even if I can't play them. certainly these are being enjoyed by many people.

Kelly said...

The Experience Music Project looks so awesome! We just went to the new Musical Instruments Museum in Scottsdale last weekend, and it was cool too, but in a different way. I love to see people's handwriting, so the Jimi journal is fabulous.

If I had curly hair and it looked as cute as yours does, I would never bother with flat ironing.

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