Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday thoughts

I stayed home from church today with 3 sick kids. Sigh. However, it is the first Sunday I've missed all year, and the first time I had to get a substitute for my Primary class, so that feels pretty good.

I've been looking through my notes from Women's Conference, and the things that caught my eye today were from Sister Dalton's talk:

  • Now is the time to return to virtue. It is possible to be pure in a polluted world, and purity is power.
  • We seem to be more tolerant of an environment that is toxic to our spirits than one that is toxic to our bodies. Have we as a society become past feeling?
  • What would happen if the elect and noble women said, "enough is enough?" We must be the guardians of virtue.
  • We can change the world by beginning the change in our hearts and in our homes.
  • We will never be able to live as women of God if we allow the world to define us.
  • Are we willing to give away all our sins to know Him?
  • A return to virtue = a return to the temple = a return to the Savior.
  • We must teach our children the importance of repentance so that when they make mistakes, they will know that there is a way back to purity.
  • Refinement is present in all women who cherish virtue and keep their covenants.

I especially love that last point. I have definitely seen that to be true. I also love the idea of elect and noble women. We as women have such power for good if we choose to use it!


Denise said...

I love that last point, too! It so reminds me of Grandma. Thank you for sharing your Women's Conference notes. They really give me a needed boost.

Susan said...

I was thinking the same thing as Denise about Grandma! She was the perfect example of refinement and mainly it was a result of her righteous living.

I too love your notes and have resolved to make it to Women's Conference next year.

Sorry the kids were all sick, what the?! My primary class was off the wall today and it made me feel like I needed a break!

Hope all is better tomorrow.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry the kids are all sick. I stayed home for the first time this year, too - painting fatigue. I know that sounds ridiculous - but my arms ached so much - and I had gone to bed at 3....

jenn said...

The comment about environments that are toxic to our Spirits is hitting home today (maybe because I am rereading Reviving Ophelia). And I am always so envious of women with refinement- I'm not there yet, but I hope someone thinks that of me some day.

I love that you had these notes to turn to when you couldn't be at church.

Kate went to meet Sister Dalton this week and it was a true testimony builder for her.

Hope kids are feeling better soon.

Jill said...

Oh the humanity of all 3 kids being sick! I hope you're surviving.

I loved this talk and have thought about it repeatedly since Women's Conference. I loved her thought about us being so concerned about what we put into our bodies but not being concerned with what we put into our spirits!

Amy said...

Now I'm feeling a little ashamed of how I spent my time making over my blog when home from church with a sick boy today. You definitely made better use of your time. Jim and I just had a big discussion about one of your bullet points - a return to virtue = a return to the Temple = a return to the Savior. The Temple does wonders to keep it all in focus. The world just works REALLY hard to keep you away from there!

Petey said...

I really enjoyed the comment about how we can never be women of God if we allow the world to define us.
And I also love that shot of tulips, I love their color!

Becky said...


So many great quotes...I'm really grateful that you always do a Sunday Thoughts post. I often think about doing one and rarely do but they are some of my favorite posts.

P.S. I love Marc's couch in the post below!

Bugg's mama said...

Great talk! I missed it. So thank you for sharing your notes with us. Women's Conference is like the mission......I think about it every single day because I felt so many good things and learned a lot of wonderful stuff!

And met awesome people!!!!!

Love, Bree

amyfm said...

funny i was home from church too and looking through my wc notes.

I didn't know you went to the YW class. I was there too. Thought it was marvelous.

patsy said...

Beautiful- I read this last sunday & didn't comment, so sorry. It really is a great reminder to me. Such inspiration.

I love the last sentance- so true.

rebekah said...

That color combination is strikingly beautiful! My goodness.

I love refined women, probably because I fear that I lack a strong 'finishing' myself. I always think of Sister Hinckley when I think of what it means to be a true lady.

Anonymous said...

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