Monday, May 17, 2010

Creative Friday

Eva was sick on Friday, but Ashley was coming to play anyway, so she sat in her pajamas by the window, watching and waiting.

When I got dressed that morning, Eva said, "Jill had a shirt that color!" It's not just the same color, it's the same shirt. And I did wonder if she would be wearing it as well. She wore the same shirt, different color.

I had planned to grill some burgers and made homemade buns out of the miracle bread recipe. I've made them before with the wheat recipe, but never with the white. Even though I patted them into bun shapes before baking, they puffed up into these round balls. Tasty, but not exactly what I had in mind.

The girls played on the tramp for quite a while, until Eva came running up the stairs, screaming. She said a wasp perched on her hand. It took a few minutes to determine that she had actually been stung. (I wasn't too surprised that she was screaming about a mere brush with a wasp. Then I felt badly for not taking it more seriously.)

Fortunately, Jill knew a miracle cure for taking the sting and swelling away: a baking soda and water paste. I slathered her little finger with the paste and covered it with a band-aid and she was off playing in a matter of minutes! I know how much those wasp bites can sting, so I was quite impressed and relieved.

Would that I had some sort of contraption to make sure that this was the only view Jill had access to while sitting across from me. I was having a scary hair/face/body day and kept telling her to just avert her eyes.

The girls had snacks and coloring supplies galore.

I love that Jill spontaneously makes me good mail labels. Although I told her I could cut them apart myself, she did it and presented them to me in a tiny bag. So cute.

Jill, cutting stacks of labels.

I was trying to capture the many different jewelry items the girls were sporting, but this is what I got instead. Eva didn't want Ashley to leave.

At least Jill captured the rings!

An array of postage that Jill used – quite the variety!

Max was home for the second C.F. in a row, coughing and coughing. I think I would have gone crazy if Jill hadn't come over!


Becky said...

I see my Good Mail in the last picture! I totally know which postage is mine because Sam wanted all the stamps when it came :)

You are too hard on yourself about your looks--I am always thinking how classy you the hair, the makeup, and the clothes!

Hope your kids feel better soon!

Susan said...

What? You never recalled the baking soda paste for stings?!! Oh, dee. It was used many times when you were a child.

Good thing for Jill's distractions and another successful creative Friday.

crystal said...

"I was having a scary hair/face/body day."

Whatever. LOOK at your freaking BROWS in that self-portrait!!! You have the best dang brows ever, sister.

Will you do mine? I have difficult, uncooperative brows.

I'll pay you in cookies.

jenn said...

I'm glad any real drama was averted. I said on Jill's blog that it is unfortunate that Eva's fear was justified by the wasp sting. I'd say maybe she'll forget, but I've met Eva and she won't.

The postage is very eclectic and fun to see.

Robyn said...

Such cute photo of the girls! Ashley was so excited to play with Eva, I didn't have the guts to tell her she was sick. I didn't want to deal with the aftermath. Such a good thing that Eva turned out to be ok! Ashley has so much fun with her and always comes back with lots of stories and details about what they did. Thanks for letting her come and for setting them up with treats, etc.

Michelle said...

You both look FABULOUS in your self-portrait!

Eva's picture at the window is sooo cute. I'm glad she was still up to playing - I would hate for you to have a spoiled cf.

Denise said...

I was hoping for documentation of your mom's jewelry-bonanza gift to Eva! The rings are sure cute, though.

Your Creative Fridays always look like so much fun.

amyfm said...

the girls are super cute.

i think it's funny that you both wore the same sure different colors.

always fun to see the mess.

patsy said...

The wasp story? We've had that same thing happen here! those things are wicked bad & all over.

I love, love love the labels!
so awesome-

I don't know how you deal with sick kids all the time? I am so sorry-

rebekah said...

Matchy, matchy, sherbet squared! I love both those colors, and now I'm craving sherbet...

Those photo cards are just wonderful...

Gray is one of my new favorite colors. I know I'm a bit behind the pack, but, oh well.

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