Friday, May 14, 2010

five for Friday

Yesterday, the couch that Marc has been saving for over the last 5-6 months was delivered! After much searching, he carefully chose just the right couch that was modern enough, yet still comfortable to sit on. (It looks kind of white, but is actually a warm gray color.)

I asked if he was going to add some throw pillows. He thought about it and replied that he would, if he could find some that were modern enough to counteract their "pillowness." (Max and I could not refrain from rolling our eyes at that.) That's an academic for you.

The man cave is well on its way to completion.

Lucas, after the dress rehearsal for Hope of America. This was one of the few times when I thought his long hair looked okay, so I thought I had better document it.

My cute neighbor Traci borrowed a lemon on Sunday. (Don't you love having neighbors you can borrow from, especially on Sunday? It's the best.) On Monday morning, I found this on my front porch. Seriously, everything she touch turns beautiful.

After dance on Tuesday, Eva decided to do a little cleaning. Far be it from me to discourage that! She cleared and wiped off the kitchen table, the accent table, the ledge of the hutch, and even the chairs. Happy day.

Despite the fact that we switched dog foods to one that has limited ingredients to avoid allergens, this guy still threw up twice this week. On my watch. Gag.

I may have to focus on the fact that he allowed Eva to pose him for this photo. You know, for his own safety.

and one more for good measure:

Eva was making up songs while I took a shower this morning. (She has decided that she gets lonely while I take a shower, so she now sits in my room and waits.) She ended up inventing about 10 new songs about various animals and sea creatures while I was getting ready, but this one was my favorite:

Big stinging manta rays
Don't blame them for their ways
Manta rays on the waves

With their power

In their hour
They spend their time stinging

The funniest thing is that she doesn't take any time to think about the lyrics, she just starts right in singing. Totally cracks me up.


jt said...

Okay, let's see:
Marc- I can totally hear him saying 'pillowness' as a pajorative. (sp?)
Lucas- still, every time I see pictures of that hair, I sigh and think, 'Oh, Lucas....' He's still cute though.
Eva- what the?
Jack- that is a cute picture. He would almost look distinguished were it not for the party hat. He has good qualities.
Eva- I love her songs. It still irks Bella that she does not have the song writing talents. I was singing her hand-washing ditty today while Sebastian was over, and he was quite taken with it as well.

Susan said...

Yes, Marc looks quite pleased with his purchase. He decided on a sofa and not a sectional as he planned?
"pillowness"...not sure that one is in my design vocab. I know plenty of cool hip pillows, Johnathan Adler has some.

Lucas looks way too cute and way too old. His hair looks cuter in this photo than some of his "dos"! He looks a bit too grown up, I must say.

Eva cracks me up too! Cleaning! Yes. Songwriting boggles my mind too, Bella! Her rhymes seem to come entirely too naturally. I just wait for the next one!

Thanks for the fun post right before I turned in for the night.

I guess this means the guestroom is no more...

Miranda said...

On don't mind me. I'm just tearing up over that couch and your china hutch. Envy.

crystal said...

oh my GOSH! Eva has the power of the ditty! I also have ditty-power; i can make one up on a dime...and same method: I just start in.

If i were black, that would be called a rap.

I got the power of the ditty from my father. He did one the other day about his McDonalds frappe and its high caloric content that had us ROLLING.

I honk-laughed at Jack-the-dog with a birthday hat on, calm as could be and just fine with it. Priceless.

crystal said...

And i second Miranda on the china hutch! I've only gotten a good glimpse of your FABULOUS china one other time and I was drooling. It's truly spectacular.

crystal said...

I've decided that my comments will now all rhyme

It will sound silly each & every time

But why not speak in rhyme, I ask you tonight?

If Eva can do it, I too will try with all my might.

Now if I could just rhyme with "pillowness..."


Tasha said...

The dog in the bday hat is priceless I'm sorry that he barfs. That;s why my girls have zuhzuh pets...

Jill said...

I'm glad Marc's dream of the man cave is finally coming true, though I don't understand the modern style's lack of coziness.

I think you've been living with Lucas' hair too long to have clear perspective on it, it still makes me think "What the?".

Traci has the a magical touch for sure.

Wow, what made Eva want to clean? Maybe if you made yourself a tutu like that you'd feel more inspired yourself, hee.

Jack actually looks cute in the birthday hat. But dog vomit is foul and something you should NOT have to deal with!

Anonymous said...

dog vomit... oh ya- I feel your pain. He is cute though. we had a dog that vomited when he was nervous- delightful.

I love that couch! we are in the market for new couches- but I hate them all. I didn't realize I was so picky.

I love the singing! she & hailey should get together?! They would have a blast.

Cleaning in a tutu? I'm going to put mine on right now!

patsy- I just realized I am not signed in...

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Those lemons are packaged with such creativity! Wow! Love the dog with the party hat and who doesn't love the cleaning help from a child? What a sweet girl!

jenn said...

No dogs. No. No. NO.

I wonder if I installed a man cave near my craft room if I would get more done?! It would not require the thought or lack of pillowness that Marc requires, but it would take space. hmm.

LOVE the lemons. For some reason lemons make me so happy.

That Eva has quite a vocabulary and mastery of word play- she must get it from her mother.

Denise said...

I LOVE Jack in his party hat! It looks like it could be the front of a funny birthday card.

Never discourage cleaning whims.

That couch is tres chic! "Pillowness," however--NOT a word.

And I confess, it took me a split second before I recognized Lucas! I'm so glad John is over the long hair phase.

Michelle said...

I make up songs all the drives my girls batty. A family favorite that Nicole detests:

17 years from now
Cole will kiss a boy
for the very first time
17 years from now.

You can see how she wouldn't be thrilled...the great thing is - it works know matter how old she is.
I can't believe Jack let Eva put the party hat on him?!

Marc....pillowness...that comment is full of Marcness.

Robyn said...

I can't even imagine my husband being excited about a couch! I am interested to see if he finds some non-pillowy pillows.

Speaking of people who make everything beautiful... that lemon thank-you totally looks like something you would do!

patsy said...

Oh wow- I love that couch!
Jack is so cute in that photo with the birthday hate.. he has almost the same color hair as my jack


rebekah said...

Saved for 5-6 months?! I need to take a lesson from that. I have zero patience and no ability to save. It's pathetic.

'Eva Sings' I can't wait for it to be released.

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