Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday thoughts

I was truly uplifted today by the music in our Sacrament Meeting.

The choir sang a piece about Jesus leaving the music of heaven to sing the song of Calvary. It was beautiful, and it reminded me that his sacrifice was a voluntary one and that it involved leaving a wonderful, peaceful place to come here, where he was quite often ignored, mocked, and tortured.

He suffered more than any mortal could withstand for each of us. He broke the bands of death and hell. It really is amazing.

Our speaker quoted at length from Elder Bruce R. McConkie's stirring last address. I don't know how you could hear or read that talk without feeling strengthened.

I am feeling ready for Easter, and considering how I was feeling this last week, that's a miracle!


Jill said...

I visited 4 different primary classes today and heard 4 different versions of the Easter story. They were all touching in different ways and really helped put me in an Easter-week frame of mind.

Paula said...

I'm a fried of Denise's and met you once, when she and I stopped by your house for something, years ago. I have dropped in on your blog many times, but was totally hooked when you were in Paris last fall. I loved every word and picture!

My question for you is - how in the world do you manage to write such an interesting blog, complete with lovely images with all you have to do?

Michelle said...

We went to an Easter Cantata last night at our stake center. I wasn't musically intelligent enough to be able to appreciate it.

Melinda said...

I love, love inspirational music. I feel the spirit the most through music. I love it. I am excited to sing in our choir for Easter.

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