Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creative Friday

I think it's hilarious that the best self-portrait of the week is the one where Jill isn't looking at the camera! And that we happened to wear the same t-shirt. If only I had had on my matching monogram necklace... (Oh, and in case you're wondering about my hair – I know you're wondering – it was a time constraint issue. I had to go to Max's school for high school registration and didn't have time to straighten it. Cute.)

It was a day of many weather changes. Sunny one minute, blizzard-like the next. Jill commented that it looked like our neighbors were holding a snow machine over our fence, it was bizarre. And then, sunny again! Utah in the Spring.

Jill's blog friend Sandy sent her these honey sesame almonds for a candy-free Creative Friday snack. Hooray for sponsors!

The verdict: very tasty. I love sesame seeds, and they lend a delightful crunch. Eva did not enjoy them, which only left more for us (and half the bag for next week). Jill noted that it must have been quite a surprise for her, as the blue bowl has never led her astray before.

This is the kind of scene that makes Creative Friday feel so right.

As well as this. Jill took this picture of one of my list pads and pens. It's the kind of thing I look at and use every day, but I don't know that I've ever taken a photo like that. It's a gift she has.

She also snapped a shot of Lucas sick in bed. He's been there all week, and yet I never took that picture! What the?!

Eva brought our her tea set again (I think it's becoming somewhat of a Creative Friday tradition). We all had to take turns serving the tea. This is Jill adding sugar with the tiniest sugar bowl ever.

And this is Eva, drinking her tea with her dramatic, earnest expression. Is this her version of a grown-up face?

I had to make a tinfoil dinner for Max, who was leaving for a Scout trip to Moab, as well as make food for the younger kids and such, so it was a highly unproductive day for me. But, as ever, it was good for the soul.


Jill said...

I always feel silly when I'm the first one to comment on a Creative Friday post, but oh well.

I think our self-portrait is funny. You failed to mention that the reason I'm looking away is that someone came to the door while we were sitting on the stairs. That was a funny place for us to sitting at the time.

I'm surprised I liked the sesame almonds so much, but I did. It's too bad that bowl held a betrayal for Eva this time.

rebekah said...

The matching shirts are so funny! In all the years of doing Creative Friday have you two ever matched before?

I love the wall pocket and book shelf above Lucas's bed. It looks very cozy up there.

Don't you just love Utah in the Spring? So fickle and emotional, just like a teenager. One moment it's vibrant sunshine and flowers bursting into bloom, the next is freezing winds and heavy snow fall...What can you do?

Marie said...

Your creative friday tradition is something that Eva will carry on in her life, you know.

michelle said...

Marie, I hope you are right!

Robyn said...

I love the matching shirts. That is a great color on both of you. I think your hair looks really pretty in that photo!

Those sesame things look very good to me but I am chuckling thinking about what Jill's response was! How are the candy-free Fridays going? I really admire you for giving up candy. If you want to do anything bad enough you will succeed.

Utah weather is crazy- my wardrobe can't keep up!

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