Saturday, May 24, 2014

Parc Zoologique

Eva desperately wanted to visit the zoo. The Parc Zoologique at the Bois de Vincennes has been redone and only reopened in April.

I love all of these pink blossoms strewn everywhere.

Eva as an otter.

These penguin-like birds were hilarious and stood in line to be fed.

brown&white zebra - such a cool mane!

the lion surveying his domain

I was just going to get a cute picture of Max & Eva but I dropped my lens cap, distracting her. Foiled again.

These birds have their own paparazzi.

A day with a happy girl is a good day!


Jill said...

Hooray for a happy day for Eva!!

jenn said...

I'm glad she was happy. I have a child who finds it hard to have reality EVER meet the expectation, so even if she had picked, no guarantee about the outcome.

The mane on the zebra is cool. I wouldn't have noticed without you mentioning it!

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