Sunday, May 25, 2014

neighborhood brocante

I love it when the brocante comes right to our neighborhood!

(fun for people-watching as well as scouting out the goods)

I wish, I wish!

some ladies primping in front of a mirror

the beautiful game of Go I wished I could afford to buy Max

I wanted to scoop up this whole box of documents!

little girls pretending to make phone calls

a serious rug shopper

I fell in love with this pair of chairs! If only I had 1500 euros and a way to ship them home.


Jill said...

Ohhh everything is so pleasing! I love, love, love those black numbered cubbies!

jenn said...

Again- you find such interesting things. LOVE the number cabinet! And I'm curious about the collars. Megan made something like them and I thought she was crazy. Apparently she is fashionable or vintage or something besides crazy!

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