Saturday, May 24, 2014

le Bon Marché

I took Mom and Jess to le Bon Marché to do a little shopping.

Not le Bon Marché. The building across the street.

Jessie and I went to the toy department so she could find painfully cute gifts for her girls.

Check out this darling modern dollhouse!

I thought it was fun to see familiar games with French names.

Seriously pleasing rainbow of cups.

I love the displays of accessories in giant confectionery boxes!

Strange and very expensive necklaces.

The interior is not as glamorous as Galeries Lafayette, but it has its charms.

We found these gold glitter condiments at La Grande Epicerie!

And, of course, some beautiful pastries.


Jill said...

Wow, everything is gorgeous, I'd be happy just to look.

jenn said...

Rainbow of cups, pastries and gold shimmer = HAPPY.

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