Thursday, May 22, 2014

Marché aux Puces

The flea market at Vanves was on my mom's list of must-dos.

She is a serious shopper. I bought a couple of gifts for friends of Eva's, Jessie got one or two things, and my mom had several heavy shopping bags.

Seriously. What in the world?!

The button man's stall is always fun to peruse.

Okay. What is it about doll heads? Creepy, disembodied doll heads? Because we saw quite a few.

I thought this was a pleasing display.

We saw some people who looked like they were seriously considering the creepy dolls.

Jessie and I agreed that these mini dice were very pleasing. Then when she posted about them on Instagram, she found out that her husband was hoping she had purchased the whole lot! Oops.

My mom bought some of these gigantic chant sheets for monasteries.

This was Lucas's reaction to the flea market. He said he will not be joining us on any future visits. Too weird. And if Lucas says that, wow! You know it's weird (but I think it's weird in a good way).


Jill said...

The dice photo is so pleasing but why did Timm want them all?

Oh Lucas.

jenn said...

I love your photos because you find such interesting things. I have no skill for rummaging through the junk to find the treasures.

I can hardly imagine the cool things your mom will do with the chant papers!

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