Monday, February 13, 2012

12 on the 12th | February

1. I had a delicious chocolate peanut butter swirl muffin for breakfast (recipe forthcoming on the recipe blog).
2. We actually got some snow! It sounded like it was raining all night long, then it turned to snow in the morning. Even though it snowed lightly all day, there wasn't much accumulation because it was too warm. I can't believe we haven't had to shovel snow once this winter.
3. Lucas with his first talk, delivered in sacrament meeting.
4. After church, I helped Eva with her valentines.
5. Marc and Max, returning from home teaching (they have been companions for almost 3 years).
6. I checked my phone for messages, only to discover that Jill had reminded me about 12 on the 12th in the morning. Good thing I remembered on my own!
7. I retired to the cozy to read and nap, a favorite Sunday afternoon activity.
8. I actually thought to include a self-portrait! (reclining, in this case)
9. I don't nap every Sunday, but when I do, it seems I always naturally wake up around 4:30.
10. I wrote thank you notes to all of the people who helped when I was sick. I was so proud of myself, as I rarely write notes outside of Creative Friday.
11. Marc reading to Eva before bed. They are making their way through the Series of Unfortunate Events.
12. I tried the multi-grain Miracle bread variation, per Jane's instructions, and took a loaf to a sick neighbor. I love it and Max loves it, but I doubt my other kids will be big fans.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

A nap and book are one of my favorite activities as well -- Sunday or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or . . .

Would you make any suggestions for the multi-grain bread? I liked it, too, but only a few in my family would be takers, too.

I love seeing your 12 on 12's.

patsy said...

Great post here. One of these days... one of these days- I need to learn how to do this. I have no excuses.

I love the real life documentation.
p.s. you look so pretty in your picture!

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