Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday thoughts

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With my family sick for the last few days, there have been greater demands on me: my time, my energy, my patience, my sleep.

Lucas is a good patient, but I find it is still draining to worry about him, make sure his fever doesn't get too high, he has his medicines on schedule, etc. And it was very sad to have to go to his school and tell his drama teacher that he was too sick to make it to Friday's play performance. (I felt terrible for his dance partner.)

Eva is definitely not a good patient. Is it terrible that I wish she would have a fever and just be lethargic or take naps? Instead, she is whiny and frequently complaining about being bored. She is tired of watching movies and reading books. I cannot wait for her to get better and go back to school!

With Marc sick, too, there is no backup, so I am the lone nurse.

This is obviously not an unusual occurrence around here, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. Or at least better at it.

Last night, I was exhausted. Just tired of nursing everyone. Frustrated that I hadn't been able to make any progress on my painting project due to all the increased needs. Worn down by my too-busy schedule. Wishing that I were the sick one, staying in bed and reading. (Although Michelle pointed out that I would probably only get one day in bed, if that, so it wouldn't really be worth getting sick. Noted.)

I stayed up late working on my lesson for YW. This morning, as Max and I went to church, just the two of us, I was down.

As soon as I sat down in sacrament meeting, I felt buoyed up. There was no particular thing that happened, just the usual singing, prayer, and of course the sacrament. Today was testimony meeting, and it was a good one. But even before any of that, I felt powerfully that just being there was so right. I felt humbled.

I've been struggling this week, but I'm so glad that I went to church today. I was just enveloped in peace, and felt so uplifted and strengthened, it was palpable. Now I feel ready to face the next week, whereas yesterday I felt ready to give up.

So, no major epiphanies today, no particular words that impacted me, just the certain knowledge that the Lord blesses us when we do what we should, when we are where we need to be.

Once again I was reminded that I have never regretted going to church, and I hope I can always remember that.


Jill said...

Goodness gracious.

crystal said...

I stayed home sick from church and browsed pinterest all day.

I did not feel buoyed afterwards.

Hang in there. You are one of the most strong, quietly amazing women I know.

paws said...

Our family just got over a bout of sickness, and I was also the only healthy one, so I feel your pain! It had me hoping and praying that the don't spend the entire winter this way. I'm hoping that the probiotics, essential fatty acid oil, and elderberry syrup will keep us all healthy. I also read that garlic is really good when you're sick/feel like you're getting sick, so I intend to make use of that.

Oh - and raw milk, too, if you can find it... said...

I love your thoughts. I love it when I feel that way too.

You are amazing. The kitchen will get done sometime...

Maybe you could make some Christmas lists for me while you're down? *sigh*

patsy said...

Oh MIchelle! You are amazing. I don't know how you do it all?

Here's hoping everyone is better soon & NO MORE SICKNESS?!!!

Hooray for those church feelings- I had the same feeling in sacrament meeting myself. It was the Primary Program!!! I didn't realize it & was secretly thinking I was to exhausted to go. BOy am I glad I didn't miss the best sunday of the year!

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