Friday, November 04, 2011

a debut of sorts

On Wednesday, we went to opening night for Lucas's first school musical!

The signs, shirts, and programs all specify school edition, lest you think it has the same skanky message as the movie. (Funny, but all that went mostly over my head when I was young and watching it. I just thought it was a fun movie with great songs!) In the school edition, instead of going over to the dark side, Sandy convinces Danny to step into the light.

I was impressed with their set. All of the many hours of hard work paid off! (I couldn't get many photos because of the extremely low light.)

Grandma and Grandpa came to show their support. (Also Max, but he was on the other side of me.)

I loved these columns that they had on either side of the stage.

Lucas told us that it didn't really matter what side of the auditorium we sat in, but ultimately it would have been better if we were on the other side. (Maybe I'll go on closing night and switch it up.) He's sitting back there in the green shirt, pretending to eat lunch and chat with friends.

Frenchie, in the red wig, was played by a girl who was in our former ward, and I think she kind of stole the show.

Just more cute set details and 50's outfits. (Lucas was in the men's chorus and had 3 costumes; who knows how many the leads had!)

Beauty school dropout, obviously.

Here Lucas is on the far left. Because I didn't know what to expect, I totally missed capturing the part where he dances down the middle with his partner. (He was dancing! with a partner! and doing lifts!)

Here he is the guy on the right in the blue jacket. His partner is the girl in the yellow dress.

Obviously I could not get a good photo of him doing Hand Jive (green sweater again).

He has had so much fun with this production. He stayed after school for hours every day for almost two months! He did all kinds of things he's never done before. He met tons of people, in different grades, that he probably wouldn't have otherwise known. He was even motivated to keep his grades up and got a hair cut! (Thank you, Miss Kate.)

He told me he will probably audition for another show in the near future. I am really glad he has had this opportunity.

Sadly, he had to stay home sick yesterday and today. He rallied yesterday afternoon and was able to still do the show, but tonight he was throwing up and had a fever of 103.9! Poor guy. I feel badly for his partner, too. We're all really hoping he will recover quickly and be able to make it for tomorrow night's performance.


Denise said...

This is impressive on so many levels! I love seeing how being part of a school musical can change and motivate kids. It's such a great experience for them to see how working hard together creates something bigger than themselves (if that makes sense).

I'm impressed by the sets and costumes--especially for a junior high production! I wonder how many moms were on the costume crew, and marvel at the abundance of crinoline petticoats and saddle shoes on stage! It's details like those that really help get the kids into their parts and help make the show come together as a whole. Of course, you know I am biased toward the costuming side of things.

I wish I could see the show. I'm so glad that Lucas had such a good time doing it, and look forward to hearing more of his performing career!

Jill said...

My dad took us to see the movie when I was in 2nd grade! I certainly didn't understand all the language and innuendo at the time but I danced to the music at home for years after that and sang all those word! I can't even imagine how they cleaned it up to make a student version!

I'm so impressed that Lucas started junior high in such a big way!

Liz said...

Wow! That is such a great opportunity! I hope he feels better quickly so he can get back up there!

patsy said...

This is so great!!
What a super way to start out jr. high- surely he will have so many more friends because of it.

My kids (some of them) have been super involved in musicals & it has proved to be a powerful influence for good.

Prayers hoping he gets better really fast

Amy said...

I am impressed! What a fun thing for him to do! said...

Right now, I'm wishing I had a private plane! How I wish I could have been there for several of the performances.

I'm so proud of Lucas for learning new and out of the box things and being committed to the rehearsal schedule. I hope he continues to have fun with music and acting.

No video?.....drat!

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