Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

These were the costumes the kids wore to our church Halloween party on Wednesday (the youth put on a carnival for the primary). Max wore his old monk costume (although the glare here doesn't show the creepy bald pate of his wig). Lucas was a bodyguard.

Eva first planned to be a doctor (we have a tiny pair of scrubs that are so cute!), then a jellyfish, then a vampire, and then she set her heart on being a mermaid. I had to drive to Salt Lake to get a mermaid costume that was cute, and then I had to shorten the skirt 9" (by hand) to make it wearable for her. The things we do for our kids.

I ended up buying myself a witch costume at ShopKo, mainly because I was beguiled by the hat, which had tulle, feathers, and a fabric flower. When Eva saw me in it, she said, "sweet costume!"

Today, Max dressed up as Flo, the Progressive lady. (I didn't even know she had a name!)

It totally creeps me out to see him with makeup on. He told me his English teacher wouldn't look at him today! Ha.

Lucas went as a gangsta.

He was highly distressed that several people at school asked him if he was Justin Bieber. That was last year's costume.

Eva was still thrilled to be a mermaid. (She was highly distressed when people called her Ariel. Kind of like the year I made Max a fancy wizard's robe and he was distressed because people kept calling him Harry Potter.)

Apparently Flo was exhausted after school and couldn't stay awake to study chemistry.

When it was time to go trick-or-treating, we discovered that Eva's good friend Ava was also a mermaid! Peas in a pod. (Although Ava actually was Ariel.)

I enjoy seeing my kids get dressed up, be excited, and have a great time. But I totally get now why my mom never like Halloween. Totally.


lelly said...

I love the Olivier Halloween!! Your children and their costumes are priceless!!

I'm dying over the photo of Max asleep with his Chemistry homework :)

Miranda said...

The Flo costume is absolutely BRILLIANT! I love it.

The things we do for our kids indeed! Way to go on Eva's costume!

Barb said...

Yes, my kids think I'm lame about Halloween, but what they don't appreciate is the over-proportionate quantity of work I put into something I'm not that into.

Denise said...

I am so relieved to read that Max has a wig on in that first picture. I was worried for a minute! LOVE your witch hat!

Jill said...

Max always comes up with super creative, yet highly upsetting costumes!!! How does he do it?!

You're out of control running to Salt Lake for the mermaid skirt and then shortening it even though you had so many other good options for her to wear. said...

...I like it a whole lot better now that it's your children who are dressed to kill!

Glad that part of my life is over. For sure.

Those are some darn cute kids. I guess I'm a bit biased. Just say'in.

brooke said...

I am laughing out loud at the Flo costume...that is so clever and it is even funnier with him asleep in it!

Melinda said...

Max's costume is hilarious!! I need to show my kids that one.

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