Thursday, August 18, 2011

a too-short visit

My parents came into town from Philadelphia last Thursday at midnight. They came for a brief visit to celebrate Lucas's birthday and Priesthood ordination. I was so glad they could make it, especially considering the stressful time my mom is having with her business right now.

I was not so glad when they had to leave on Monday. We don't see them often enough, and the time just flew by.

As I have already established, my dad spent the entirety of his time here making trips to Home Depot and working on handyman projects around the house and yard. He's a wonder.

Mom and I ran errands, did a little shopping, and cooked together. (I love having a cooking buddy.)

Here are a few random photos from their short visit:

Mom let Eva borrow some of her bracelets for church. She was thrilled, of course. She sometimes refers to my mom as "Grandma Queen" because she is so fancy.

Eva came up to my mom on Sunday and said, "Have you ever dreamed of having a choir of two?" Mom replied that she had not, but was happy to join when Eva invited her to form their very own choir of two.

They snuggled in Eva's bed, making their selections from the Children's Songbook and practicing.

Max was their accompanist. There's not much I love more than family making music together.

So sweet.

After the choir concert was over, Eva sang Read Me a Memory for Grandma and Grandpa. I still get choked up every time I hear it.

Mom came with us to the junior high when we paid Lucas's fees ($145!), got his locker assignment, and practiced with the combination.

(Sadly, his schedule is royally messed up, so we are still waiting for a new one and he has not had the chance to walk around the school and find his classrooms yet.)

We always take an airport self-portrait (usually because I have forgotten to do one before that point). I have the cutest parents.

I hate it when they leave. Especially when I don't know when we will see each other next. sigh.


Liz said...

Eva is so cute. I love the ideas she comes up with. A choir of two! How sweet.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That is a grand self-portrait. So good I can't tell who took it for sure.

"Grandma Queen." Now that's funny. I love Eva's french braids.

What do your parents think of the mob riots in Philadelphia?

patsy said...

I'm sad your parents left too!

jr. high, wow GO LUCAS. I paid fees too- sounds like they were about the same price here. crazy. I hope he gets his schedule- school starts here on Monday.

Eva- she is really a doll. Your mom is such a good queen gma.
Go dad- wow he can really get stuff done!

Charlotte said...

Aren't all family visits too short? I'm so glad that they could come out for this important family event. We have the cutest family!

Jill said...

Grandma Queen is such a perfect name for her! She is by far the fanciest person I have every known!

The self-portrait of the 3 of you is so darling! I think it should be framed or at least hung on the fridge!

Lee said...

Love this post. Susan looks so beautiful in that photo with your beautiful daughter. Lovely, just lovely.
Have you thought of making a book from all your blogs posts?
Lisa said...

...a whole blog post of photos of Grandmother Queen is enough to get me back into my excercise mode and diet!

The trip was too short, but fun. I missed a lot of drama at my retail store and everyone is glad to have me back to take the brunt of it.Ugh!

I am missing the "choir of two" and my cooking buddy too. Someday...a permanent cooking buddy!

Lucas is a darling and far too grown up..and, too tall!

Family trips are the best, especially when you're involved! said...

p.s. My hands looks EXACTLY like my mom's!! That should give some nostalgic comfort to the Petersen girls, and it's a good thing I think so fondly on my sweet mother's hands or I would really hate them!

Oh, dee.....

Claudissima said...

Your parents are formidable....and you are looking good girl! Look at that face, you are slimming down! Good for you! Hey, I showed my mom your photos, with your parents, and she wanted me to tell you to say hi to your parents, my mum remembers your dad fondly.


Claudissima said...

sorry, she just told me to tell your parents hi! that she remembers your dad...after all they are blood cousins!

ciao darling

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