Saturday, August 20, 2011

paper flower tutorial

Several of you asked for a tutorial on making flowers out of book pages (I guess it would work with any paper, really – the possibilities are endless!). I can't remember where to find the tutorial that I used, so... here's a quick rundown:

Tear out some book pages and cut them so they are squares (eyeballing it is fine).

Draw a large-ish spiral, starting from the outside and working your way in. I don't actually draw it, I just cut it, but I drew it here so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Cut the spiral. (I stacked several pages on top of each other for the cutting to save time, but then they get kind of tangled in each other, so is it really a time-saver? It's a toss-up.)

See how fun that is? I'm such a sucker for anything like unto a curling tendril. (Except when it comes to my hair. Then I'm so not a sucker for it. Or maybe I'm a sucker in a bad way...)

Start rolling up your paper, from the outside of the spiral towards the center.

When you get to the center, you have this nifty circle-ish/oval-ish piece that forms the bottom of your flower. Clever, right? I would love to know how people come up with these things.

This is my rather tightly-rolled flower.

(Blurry photo, but I'm too lazy to redo it!) I accidentally dropped my tightly-rolled flower and then discovered that I like them better when they are allowed to un-roll slightly and loosen up. A happy accident!

Place some glue on the circle-ish bottom part and gently form around the base of your flower. Allow to dry.

Voilà! Nicole and Michelle made some with me one day at a family luncheon, and theirs were much cuter. I wish I had taken some pictures of theirs. But I digress...

You can manipulate them a bit to make them look just the way you want them. I have seen them grouped on top of wrapped packages for a little pizazz and I also would like to replicate a wreath I saw on Pinterest made out of about a million of these little guys. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do!

p.s. If you're not on Pinterest yet, do not delay! Seriously, what are you still doing here? Go do it now. (Let me know if you need an invite.)


Lee said...

Lovely flowers. I have seen them in so many things and now I can make them too. Thank you so much. Your so creative, just like your momma.

Natasha said...

I tried to do Pinterest but it says you have to Facebook or Twitter to do it, bummer! I love these flowers!

paws said...

So cute!

Michelle said...

When the girls were gone with Bob I made many of these...enough that I think I can make a wreath! Thanks for teaching us!! (Oh - I have no idea why you would think ours were cuter - but thanks for the nod.)

Charlotte said...

I seriously need to make like a million of these. I know I mentioned this in another comment, but one of my friends make paper flowers out of old sheet music--I love it!

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