Wednesday, August 17, 2011

12 on the 12th | August

1. Jack watching my dad work in the yard (from the deck). I have to wonder what he thinks of the drastic reduction of his jungle.
2. Marc helping Max work on an essay for AP Lit. He has to have it done by the time school starts. (The poor guy has been doing schoolwork all summer long.)
3. Picking out paint colors with my mom. I was so gratified that she confirmed my choices! She's the color master.
4. Mom always wears cute shoes, (almost never flats).
5. I love it when Lucas and Eva play together.
6. Eva practicing piano and working on her theory. She just started learning about the white keys.
7. Loading up our neighbor's trailer with all of Dad's cuttings. It was a whole family project!
8. Marc took Lucas shopping to get his main birthday gift: a punching bag and boxing gloves.
9. We took Eva to her school to see the class lists. Grandma let her use some of her grown-up lipgloss.
10. We don't know much about Eva's teacher. She was disappointed that her best friend is not in her class (nor the boy that she has a crush on), but at least she has one good friend in there. I told her she will meet lots of new friends!
11. I made invitations for Lucas's birthday party and we went around to deliver them. (Not one of his friends was home, so we are just hoping that they all got the invites!)
12. Dropping off Lucas to Landon's birthday party. Night games was a brilliant idea.


Jill said...

Dang it, I should have gone in the backyard to see the jungle-reduction when I picked Landon up yesterday...I guess I'll be picking him up again today so I can look then (if I don't forget).

It's fun that your parents were here for this month's 12th.

I love Lucas' invitation!

jt said...

Yes, Lucas's invitation is so cute! And I want to see photos of the jungle reduction.

jt said...

Wait- what color choices did you go with?

Charlotte said...

Oh how I love Lucas's invitations. I love anything with stylish typography.

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