Monday, July 11, 2011

cool and not so cool

Eva borrowing my camera and takings tons of pictures and making videos! Cool. (Some of the seedlings we planted are starting to bloom!)

Overhearing a mother at the library talking to her son: "Secrets of the Dark Side? (or something like that) I don't think we need to be checking out this book!" Cool.

Gaining several pounds every time I get my period and then getting back to where I was the next week. Not cool.

Getting my period every three weeks. So not cool.

Eva going across the street to ask our neighbor to watch Jack while we were gone, then coming home and saying, "Well, that went well!" Oh, to be that confident. Cool.

Meeting a new niece. (Marc's sister Lisa's baby Sophia.) Cool.

Getting Little House on the Prairie to read with Eva. Cool.

Having a whole bunch of hideous girls' camp photos tagged on Facebook. Very uncool. (I painstakingly removed all the tags!)

Lots of recent thunderstorms. Cool.

Max having only 7 more days of summer school to endure. Cool.

Getting my annual dose of giant cold sores on my chin on Friday and being unable to get a prescription in time to stave off the worst of it. Totally uncool. (I look like a mutant.)

Buck, a documentary we saw last weekend. So very cool. Highly recommended. Especially to my sister and my dad. Or anyone who likes horses. Or amazing people.

Lucas leaving early tomorrow morning for his first Scout camp, where they will be backpacking for 25-30 miles and using pack goats. He was instructed to keep his pack (borrowed from Landon) to under 1/3 his body weight. He did it! Cool. (But we are really going to miss him! Also, I have instructed him not to stand by any ledges or cliffs and not to do anything to attract bears...)


Miranda said...

Pack goats! Pack goats? I want to go to scout camp!!! How can I get in on that?

Also, I'm so glad to hear you liked Buck. I heard a story about it on NPR and sent a text to my dad immediately telling him we should watch it.

Jill said...

Well at least there are more cools than not cools! I'm sorry about the cold sores, those are most unfortunate and really don't help with the ole self-esteem eh?

jt said...

I thought the exact same thing as Miranda- Pack goats!! I want pack goats!!
Do they hike the 30 miles cumulatively? Certainly not all at once, right?
Of course I want to see that movie but it does not appear to be playing here so I guess I'll have to wait for Netflix.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your post. Cool.

Barb said...

The trailer for that movie. Cool.

patsy said...

cool post

scout camp sounds hard, but cool. Yes stay away from cliffs & bears. I hate cold sores & get them myself.

I've never heard of the movie, but there are a lot of horse lovers in my family so I will totally be on the look out for that one!

Charlotte said...

Your period every three weeks sounds like the worst. So sorry!

I'm glad that I've never had to go to scout camp, but if I had a pack goat to accompany me, maybe I'd go.

And I'm glad to see more cools than uncools! said...

Having a daughter like you, cool.

Having Eva for entertainment, cool.

Max for a grandson, cool. Very cool.

Lucas backpacking and being cool, very cool.

Pack goats...not so much. Count me out! (Sorry Miranda and Jessie)...

Amanda said...

Pack goats sound like a luxury! Aren't they supposed to be roughing it? I guess 30 miles sounds crazy long.

I'll have to check out the trailer. Posey is a horse girl.

Love Eva's confidence. My kids have it too. Maybe all kids? Too bad so many of us lose it as we grow older.

Melinda said...

I totally feel your pain about the massive weight gain during your period. Why must that happen? I get also when I ovulate so I never really know what my true weight should be. Dang periods, such a drag.

I hope you had a really great time with Jill.

Rebekah said...

I have opposite period problems. Hmm.

Those seedlings look like my zinnias!

John Wood said...

I had to do a 50 miler last year without any such pack goat. That kinda sounds nice to carry some of the weight. haha

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