Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creative Friday x2

We've had some awesome Creative Friday action going on. We went to Jill's house the Friday before our week at Snowbird, and the Friday after, and it went smashingly. I think the secret of our success may be the fun that is Jill's house. That and the fact that Jill is paying Whitney to tend Eva! Brilliant.

Whitney and her friend Madison entertained Eva the whole time. They played in the inflatable pool and did dress-ups, rode scooters, and who knows what else. That's the beauty of it! I don't even know what else they did!

Jill showing off her farmer's tan.

Somehow we got to talking about several hot-button topics, namely finances and the temple. There may have been more that I've forgotten. Jill was trying to find her zen place.

At one point I heard Eva scream. I looked out the window and she was running to the farthest point of Jill's lawn. All the girls then came running inside, breathless with excitement.

This little guy was the cause.

Eva shocked us all by overcoming her fear and prodding the bush to get the snake to emerge. He did, and we all admired him. (You just never know with that girl.)

Jill was terribly productive.

She was a little sunburned from her walk that day. (She was trying to get her vitamin D.)

Jill quite often asks me to put my camera away, or turn it so it isn't antagonizing her. I've never even noticed or thought about it – does it look aggressive to you?

The girls eating lunch on the kitchen floor. Interesting choice. Good thing Jill's floors are clean!

Landon left for a campout/hike while we were there. He got himself completely packed and ready, food and all. Seriously, that kid is one in a million.

There was some discussion about him being dirty before going on the campout which caused him to explain that he was only going to get dirtier. I found it quite entertaining.

This picture is hilarious to me: Jill was eating Reese's Pieces but trying to hide them from me so I wouldn't be tempted. I knew what she was doing and was totally okay with it, but she hid them nonetheless.

Last Friday, we went back and we were quite pleased with ourselves for getting back to our regular C.F.s and back in our groove.

I brought a salad and Jill brought home Cafe Rio. This felt wrong somehow, looking over and seeing that deliciousness. But I have lost 19 pounds so far, and so I am sticking to what is working.

Jill's nieces were over, so Eva had 4 friends to play with! She was utterly in heaven.

(Incidentally, she had her hair in twisties so her hair would be curly for her dance recital that night. She was so worried that the girls would make fun of her that I warned Jill ahead of time, and Jill duly warned the girls not to make a big deal out of it. Then she actually had the gall to say something about their lack of teasing! What the?)

I had to do a few last-minute costume fixes.

For the first time in forever, I was using punches, ink, tags, buttons, and embroidery thread!

I made gift tags, just for fun.

The boys played basketball and video games. I just love it that they get along so well.

This week we have to skip C.F. because it is Max's birthday and our anniversary, and I have been busy getting ready for girls' camp. It's a shame to have this interruption to the great streak we've had. But I don't have any more trips planned, so after camp we have some catching up to do!


Natasha said...

Hurray for the return of Creative Fridays!

Eva's costume looks adorable, I hope you do a post on the recital.

Good for you on the salad. My coworkers tease me daily because not only do I bring my lunch from home (they all order out) but it's healthy! The horror! Yesterday I had curried lentils with brown rice, a spinach and strawberry salad, and raw carrots with almond butter. I still like to eat at the table with them to be social, but from the comments I got you would have thought I was eating poop on a stick! (They were eating fries and fried chicken and sodas!)

Charlotte said...

Can I just tell you how excited I am that Creative Fridays get to come back in the summer? Because I'm really excited about it.

Jill said...

I'm so pleased that we've already had 3 Creative Friday gatherings, especially since we're missing this week and next!

Jill said...

How did I forget to say, woohoo for 19 pounds!!!!

TX Girl said...

Those gift tags are DARLING!

Tasha said...

I want to buy some of those gift tags! It looked like an awesome creative friday. I'm so lonely, maybe I will drive up for one??:)

Jen said...

i don't usually get to comment, but i have to today- so many celebratory things! creative friday! (woo hoo!) whitney watching eva?! (brilliant!) and 19 pounds?!??!?! that is fantastic! congratulations! have a great time at girls camp- what lucky girls to have you there! :)

Jen said...

oh! and i made raspberry cream cheese stuffed french toast for father's day- it was a hit. my 2 year old doesn't care for it, but he prefers i don't take his opinion too seriously.

Susan said...

Just put those gift tags on a wish list for me! Those are WAY cute!

Good news for summer creative Fridays.

jt said...

love the tags- I'm totally pinning it. Brilliant of Jill to pay Whitney. I wish I had a Whitney.
SO EXCITING about the 19 pounds? Have you thought of any non-food rewards for your progress? If not, ask Hannah, she's got about 30.
Its true that you never know with Eva. Bella would have picked it up in a heartbeat.
Love your CFs, and a little jealous. Good-naturedly.
And why is the temple hot button??

patsy said...

I am desperately missing creative anything right now...
I'm so Happy that you guys are getting together in the summer. This is so great.
Yes- paying whitney= total win/win.

Congratulations on 19 lb! that is so great!!

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