Friday, July 01, 2011

girls' camp in pictures

I got back from camp today. It was my fifth time going as an adult, so I don't know how I managed to forget how tired I am after camp. Wow. I took a shower, did a little unpacking, did some laundry, loaded my photos, went to the grocery store, and took dinner to our YW president (her husband had surgery yesterday). I am wiped out!

I'm too tired to write much, so here are some of my camp pictures:

For our skit/lip sync, we were The Pirates Who Don't Do Evil Things.

The lovely fake bug that made the rounds in people's sleeping bags, etc. Our resident prankster leader stuck it in my hood, so I handed her the camera.

We had two minutes of silence on the lake and then we sang a song from our boats, which echoed around the area. It was really cool.

lake self-portrait

One of my favorite things about camp this year was getting to know all of the other leaders better. They are hilarious.

I was not the only one documenting our experience!

post-hike foot soak

post-hike treat, generously provided by the other ward in our shared campsite

our schedule for the week

There is nothing quite as great as guitars at camp.

I loved this ingenious music solution.

Laurel had this bug repellent contraption. She showed me just how well it was working.

I love being up in the mountains.

I taught a couple of people how to crochet flowers. (I learned how in a YouTube video just before departing for camp!)

Crafts, always a highlight of camp.

We used LOTS of bug spray.

Roasted Starbursts – one of the girls' favorite things. Me? Meh.

I do enjoy a good campfire (as long as the smoke isn't always wafting into my face).

The girls were good about following the no-prank rule. The leaders, not so much.

Can you see the rainbow?

We had such a huge storm! It lasted almost 24 hours and included cabin-rattling thunder, lightning, hail, falling trees, and the hardest rain I've ever seen.

We had to hold the lip sync at the stake pavilion instead of outside in the amphitheater. It was crowded and oh so cold, but the girls were as enthusiastic as ever.

We had several deer that came right up to our campsite! I loved it. I also saw two moose, and the other leaders in my car spotted a bear (I wanted to see that).

I decided that I just hate flag ceremony. It throws into sharp relief how un-fun I am. I hate singing silly songs and doing actions to go with them. It's pretty much torture for me. And it made me question my legitimacy as a leader at camp. And there was a 45 degree incline to get down (and up again). And we have to do it twice a day...

Of course we had to make s'mores one night.

to sum up:

Camp was good.
It was hard.
It was hot.
It was wet.
It was freezing.
It was an invaluable experience for us all to learn and make memories together.
It was exhausting.

I'm glad I went, but I am also so very glad to be home.


Jill said...

What in the came home and went to the store and then took dinner to the YW President? That's way above and beyond as a post-camp experience!

Wow, how did I not realize this was your 5th time going as an adult?! That's a lot of camping for a noncamping kind of girl!

Your pictures are great! Will you be making a slide show to watch as a future activity?

emily said...

I loved Girls Camp, but I also loved getting home from camp. Way to go making it through another. I would love to have you as a leader. Especially if you brought your knitting/crochet supplies.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ohhhhh, it was fun to relive the girls camp leader experience THROUGH you and your pictures. I'm very happy to have spent my week where I did, but it was still fun to remember the success of it all through yours.

Glad you're home.

My goodness. You deserve the happy camper award for pulling off dinner, store, laundry, and a blog post on the heels of camp.

Welcome home. I missed your posts.

Susan said...

Mercy! Grandma would echo my admirable and amazing that you took dinner to someone else when you arrived home. I love it.

I've been to girl's camp several times and have fond memories as well.

It is hard.
Cold? I can't believe you said that.
Tiring, yes.
Exhilarating, yes.

Glad you're home, and I'm sure your family is too! Now back to your own "camp"

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up! I'm with Emily, I would like you to be my team leader.

Where do you get all this energy from??? This is why I read your blog, you're so admirable.


patsy said...

wow- 5 times at camp!
I LOVE girls camp & I've been twice as a leader. BUt, then... I think it's good for my girls to go without their mom- so I'm good with being here at home.

AWESOME- taking dinner in & getting so much done. You are truly inspirational.

Michelle said...

I can't believe you were cold.

Could Marc get near you when you came home covered in "nature?"

I loved the photos, especially the rain, the smoke in the trees and the crayons.

Roasted starbursts?!!! EW.

Glad you survived and glad you are home!

jt said...

I LOVED girls camp as a girl. Some of my most fond memories are of girls camp. I miss it, truthfully. I have never been as an adult but would really like to. I would also like to serve in YW at some point. Seriously, your post-camp service is crazy.

Denise said...

This almost makes me oddly relieved to be serving as RS President.

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