Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Hopping – Hostess Gifts

Miranda asked me to participate in her Blog Hopping series, this time it's about hostess gifts.

While I'm no expert on hostess gifts, I certainly enjoy them, because, well, they're just little gifts! Who doesn't like that?

Anything handmade or homemade is sure to be appreciated.

Homemade jam. Grape juice. Cookies. Bread. How could anyone not be happy with any of these? Add some ribbon or baker's twine and a tag for simple, classic packaging.

A neighbor brought me these lemons and I was just thrilled! (How cute is that?)

Gift tags. No one ever has too many.

Anything with a monogram. Stationery, cloth napkins, a wax seal. Everyone likes to see their names or initials!

Mrs. Meyer's soaps/cleaners. I'm partial to the basil scent, myself, but now I see that there is a rosemary line!

Coasters. I stitched some up for some friends a couple of years ago, and they were such a hit, I am still hearing about them! Super-easy sewing, and they don't even require a lot of fabric, so it's a good way to use up scraps (I used flannel for the padding).

I happen to love knitted dish cloths, as well, and you can customize the colors to your recipient's taste/decor.

Good vanilla, like the one from Penzey's, or make your own with vodka and vanilla beans (plan ahead for that one). Or mix up some vanilla sugar: just mix sugar and a vanilla bean (scrape out the seeds); put in a pretty jar or tin and voilà!

Sea salt. A cook/foodie will be most appreciative. Here is one from amazon, or you can even buy it in bulk at places like Sunflower or Whole Foods and package it yourself.

Fresh flowers. Never the wrong answer.

Cookie dough. Also never the wrong answer.

If you know the recipient well, anything can make a great hostess gift! A bag of pebble ice, a six-pack of diet Coke, fresh peaches, a pretty nail polish, even overripe bananas... Jill gave me these with a ribbon and I was very pleased, knowing the baking that would ensue.

*What is your favorite hostess gift to give/receive?*

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Victoria said...

Hello there. Popped over from Miranda's blog. Love your ideas and love your blog. Thank you. x

Lee Currie said...

I don't know that I've ever given anything other than wine ... thankful for all of the ideas!

Susan said...

I love them all! Your photos alone are a gift!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my, what a gift of a post. Thank you! Those lemons are darling.

Marisa said...

I absolutely love the overripe bananas with the ribbon. Genius!

Jill said...

You came up with so many great ideas! I love how easy and cute Tracy's bag of lemons is!

Charlotte said...

I think my favorite is the bag of lemons! Simple and fun and cute. I need to start bringing hostess gifts—I think they're so fun!

Natasha said...

What a great post. I have used the Meyer's Soap as thank you gifts before when neighbors got my mail while we were out of town.

Griffin was given a 3 initial monogram wax seal when he was baptized and I have always wanted my own!

I have also given a 6 pack of diet coke with packs of microwave popcorn filling a cute basket as a friend who helped me out with my children. (She's the kind of person who loves to stay in and watch movies at home with her favorite treats.)

I also have a coworker who loves bottled Fiji Water but rarely buys it for herself (who would pay 4 for water right?!) so for her birthday one year I filled a basket with a bunch of bottles of Fiji Water.

Flavored salt is a great gift idea. I would love some pink Himalayan crystal sea salt myself!

Those gift tags are adorable, remind me of a bookmark Jessie made me a few years ago from old book pages. I still use it daily.

Natasha said...

Oh and my trusty standby hostess gift-- a homemade boursin cheese ball (really just garlic, parsley, cream cheese, and butter)with a pretty spreader that the hostess can keep. Costs less than $5 and always well received!

patsy said...

These are fantastic ideas~
You were perfect for this subject!

I usually give bottles of martinellis tied with a big bow around the holidays... but now I have WAY BETTER ideas

Chef in Training said...

wow! What great ideas! i am enjoying this blog hop thing! You have a fabulous blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thank!

Cathy said...

Great ideas! Love the blog!

Joy McMillan said...

Fabulous ideas, Michelle...and yes, the lemons are fantastic. Who woulda thunk it?! :)

paws said...

Those dishcloths are so cute! Why have I never thought to add a cute little stripe like that?

rmt said...

I am dying over the adorable gift tags! And the lemons...who doesn't love fresh lemons? (Limes would be lovely too...mmmm!)

Did you knit the dish rags? I love them! The colors, the pattern, everything.

Great post! :)

Melinda said...

I am really loving that bag of lemons. So easy and so cute. All of these ideas are great. I always try to take something to the hostess.

Miranda said...

I think the bag of lemons is a brilliant idea! I need to keep this list taped up to the wall somewhere as a reminder that simple things can be so perfect.

Also. A stripe in your knitted dishcloth. Duh! Genius!

Tasha said...

Where did you get the monogrammed seal? I love it! And I am a HUGE fan of the basil, I will have to sniff the rosemarry when I go to the store next!

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