Friday, June 17, 2011

12 on the 12th | June

We were in Snowbird for the 12th!

1. Grandma and Grandpa brought this Costco-size box of individual cereals.
2., 3. The Snowbird Center provides a room for sacrament meeting services. When we first started going to Snowbird, we were sometimes one of two families at church. Now there is a big room with more like 80 people!
I love the "come as you are" part of the sign. There was a man there in his ski boots. He said he has skied 203 days in a row so far. Apparently he's the only regular at church.
4. Eva pointing out wildlife to Grandma. G & G took her on two nature walks, to her delight.
5. Potgut. There is a sign explaining some of the local wildlife, and it specifically says "potgut." I did a search for that word to find out more about it, and it is not in the dictionary! Or Wikipedia. But I did find a site that says, "potgut is a nickname here in Utah for the Uintah Ground Squirrel. This slang term is usually only recognized and used by Utah natives." Well, that explains it.
6. Max looking up guitar songs online and trying them out. Grandpa, Max, and Kristen accompanied us on their guitars for our family home evening singing.
7. This lovely painting was hanging in our room. G & G had raccoons. Usually the wall decor is limited to flowers and mountainscapes.
8. We tried to avert our eyes and look out the windows instead. There is still so much snow this year!
9. We don't usually have a reason to take an elevator on Sundays.
10. Eva volunteered to give the lesson for family home evening. She wrote a brief lesson about service and being like the Savior, and then had us all draw a picture of some kind of service we could perform. She cut them all out and taped them together. Hers was to give Mom hugs & kisses – hot dog!
11. Six of us played a rousing game of cards. Kristen taught us how to play speed/nuts/nertz/multiple-hand solitaire in teams. We were on a team together and we came in dead last. But it was still fun! I love playing cards.
12. One of the cookies I baked and brought up for our Snowbird enjoyment. Because I so love homemade cookies. A sweet end to any day.


Charlotte said...

That art is truly horrifying. Good heavens.

Eva looks so grown up in that picture!

Potgut is a ridiculous name for anything, nickname or not.

Looks like Snowbird is fun as usual!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I do love your 12 on 12's. I love the things you manage to capture in a day through them.

What was your "come as you are" get up for church?

Jill said...

How fun to be at Snowbird for this month's 12th! I would have liked to see the man in ski boots at church!

Oh dear, the wildlife painting is heinous!

patsy said...

What a great Sunday!

That artwork is giving me the creeps...

Claire said...

That picture of the striped lynx is just calling my name! it ill go great with the big wooden lamp in my living room.

John Wood said...

Tell Max about ultimate guitar tabs. They are fantastic. I use that web site often.

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