Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sneelock was here

My mom came into town for Women's Conference at BYU. My dad accompanied her and provided child care, entertainment and chauffeuring services so that I could attend the conference!

I wrote out quite a daily schedule for him to follow. True to form, he did it all with nary a complaint.

He took Eva on many bike rides with her new bike, drove hither and yon, checked Max out early one day when he wasn't feeling well, took everyone to Wendy's, and even made macaroni and cheese – twice! (he doesn't cook).

He also found time to fix the approximately 15 feet of gutter that was falling off of our roof. He also reinforced it all, just to be sure.

On Friday night, after having attended the conference all day, I put Eva to bed, went to the store to get ingredients for her birthday cake, and then looked for my angel food cake pan.

It was stuck – firmly wedged – on the bottom section of the defunct lazy susan where I keep all of my baking supplies. Max and I tried to pry it out, but it absolutely would not budge. I was reduced to whining, and it seemed that real tears were imminent.

Emily came to my rescue and helped me empty the whole thing out (the only way to extract the cake pan). Those are chocolate chips in there, by the way.

My dad was gone visiting his family that night, but he spent quite a bit of time addressing this problem the next day. Another trip to Home Depot was required, and he rejected several ideas before settling on the one that finally worked.

If he hadn't been here to fix things, I am sure they would still be in a frustratingly non-functioning state. He does so much to help me, and never acts like it's any big deal. It is so great to have a Sneelock around, even if only temporarily.

Man, I love it when my dad comes to visit. And I hate it when he leaves.

p.s. Yesterday was his birthday, and he is in Tuscany on a photography expedition! I'm so excited for him.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yesterday I was trying my darnedest to remember what you call your dad, and lo and behold today's post was on him. Sneelock. How could I forget that name.

Do I see your dad in Lucas? I do think I do. I hadn't seen that before until that last photo of the two of you.

What a dad.

Marie said...

Aren't Dad's wonderful?

Susan said...

Am I ever missing Sneelock while he's away! As always, he is my standard of unconditional service.

It is one of my goals to become more like him. He supports me in every way, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically! I've come to realize I would not make a good widow. Good thing he plans on living for a good 100 years.

patsy said...

I am continually inspired by your wonderful family!

Thank you for sharing this.

Happy Birthday Michelle's Dad!

Charlotte said...

Tuscany sounds like a wonderful place to be on a birthday! I had to laugh at your mom's comment that she wouldn't make a good widow. I do love your dad!

Laura said...

What a great post about your Dad. I'm especially impressed that he took over your days so that you could attend WC. Sounds like a great man!

Kim Sue said...

wonderful post {and tuscany, how fabulous!}

Denise said...

I really love your dad, too. He is amazing in his quiet acts of love and service. I don't know too many dads--let alone grandpas--who would take on even a few days of child care and all that goes with it with nary a comlaint!

I'm glad to know those are chocolate chips.

And, like your mom said, Sneelock does plan to live 100 years--and who wouldn't, given the healthy amounts of Diet Coke he consumes!

jt said...

Correction Denise: Coke Zero, thankyouverymuch.
He is a Sneelock for sure- too bad he didn't wear his Sneelock shirt too. He is quite a rare dad and grandpa, and I am so glad he's ours!
Once they were here, a few months ago, dad was telling us how he plans to live to be 100, but he didn't particularly want to, he was just resigned to his fate- so I told him to quite exercising so much and he could shave off a few years.

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