Friday, May 13, 2011

look who came to town!

Miranda drove down from Idaho for a short visit while Jessie was here!

Jessie and I both love her to pieces. She is down to earth, funny, intelligent, and just plain good company.

She wanted to know about Marc's new crêpe pan, so I schnockered him into making us crêpes for dinner. Win/win! He gave us a tutorial and Jessie tried to write down his "recipe." (Apparently there is no recipe. He claims that the proportions don't matter (!). It's more about principles. I so do not cook that way.)

Miranda played The Game of Things with my family. She was a good sport.

Jessie and Miranda went to check out Alice Lane. I stayed home with the girls (I had already been there and it's not a fun place to take young children!).

They stopped at Iceberg for lunch. This photo haunts me. I may have to plan a trip there for dinner sometime soon.

We picked up Emily and went to Café Rio and then to the Creamery. Graham Canyon ice cream is totally worth a splurge.

We went to Target because poor Miranda doesn't have one in her town. Apparently we didn't take any photos.

I don't know what else we did. Probably just sat around chatting while Jessie and I played referee to the kids' squabbles and Miranda breathed deeply, relishing her responsibility-free time.

It was a short visit, but way fun. I'm so glad she made the drive!


patsy said...

I need to go to alice lane- just the store front is so alluring!

How fun to be with jesse & friends

Jill said...

It's so sweet that Miranda drove all the way from Idaho to meet you guys!

I am going to be haunted by the Iceberg photo as well!

Natasha said...

I always wondered what a Cafe Rio looks like!

jt said...

Iceberg haunts me from 2,064 miles away. (aprox)
It was a great visit with Miranda!

Miranda said...

Awww! You say such sweet things! I am SO happy I came to see you guys. Thank you for hosting me! And thanks again to Marc for his crepe tutorial. I've been practicing but I'm not there yet. And dang, I want some of those onion rings and milkshakes AGAIN!

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