Wednesday, May 11, 2011

not quite wordless Wednesday

Jessie and I saw this car in the temple parking lot.

Seriously. Car eyelashes. Have you ever seen these before? You can't really tell in this picture, but there is a row of large rhinestones on the other side of the lashes.

I am so intrigued. Does someone manufacture these? If so, why have I never seen them on any other cars? And if not, does that mean that the car owner just decided that her car needed some falsies and made them herself?

People are endlessly interesting.


jt said...

I agree, and also couldn't believe that no one commented on that on my blog! Doesn't any or everyone else find this as funny/interesting/bizarre as we do?? Yes, people are endlessly interesting.

Kim Sue said...

I have seen some one time. It was a couple of years ago and they were on a VW bug. At the time, I thought it was VW thing. I've seen polka dots and one that looked like a lady bug and so on. But, I don't think I have seen any since then.

Jill said...

Bizarre! I've never seen anything like this before.

P.S. I checked to see if you used your "There's No Accounting for Other People's Tastes" label.

patsy said...

I saw these for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. My girls & I were driving home from down town & the car behind us had them... we nearly got in an accident looking.
I think they're dangerous now!

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