Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

I happen to love valentine's day. It's not the most popular stance, but there you have it. For me, it's not really about romantic love. It's just about love. And that's something I can really get behind.

I've heard all the arguments against it – why do we need a day to express our love? We should do that every day! Agreed. But I don't care. We should show our mothers and fathers appreciation on a regular basis, too, but I'm really glad we have Mother's Day and Father's Day. We should remember the Savior and try to be more like him always, but I do love Easter and Christmastime. But I digress...

If you were an observer here in my home, you might not really see my love for this holiday. I never got around to making or putting up red, pink and white decorations. All I managed to do this year was print out a free printable and put it in a frame. I didn't make the cute heart wreath I envisioned. I didn't even make sugar cookies this year! Gasp. This might be the first year that that important tradition has been neglected.

Fortunately, my family was not neglected, due to this package that my mom sent. Gift cards, candies, straws, pencils, notebooks, heart containers, and even earmuffs and glittery belts for Eva. (Eva's response? "Everyone really ought to get themselves a Grandma Susan!")

Pretty much the only thing I did do was buy candies for my family and wrap them up in cellophane bags. And I made and sent valentines for some of my friends and family.

Because I love them! And sometimes it's nice to have a little tangible reminder of that fact.

Plus, it gave me an excuse to play with the Divine Twine that Jill gave me for Christmas. Swoon. I really love that.

Look at the adorable little valentine Kristi sent me? That's another thing I love about valentines. They don't have to have a purpose other than to be cute. Tiny doesn't hurt, either.

If it weren't for valentines, the world might have been deprived of this very cute and funny cow/math art by Max.

And this short treatise on friendship by Eva: (translated)

Dear Sammie, I know some days we are mean to each other, but today we are friends forever. I love you.

She told me that it was nice but also true. Come on! You've gotta love that!

Also, Marc came home today to a valentine Eva created wherein she fashioned an envelope out of typing paper and mucho, mucho Scotch tape. She filled it with Reese's peanut butter cups that were left over from her class valentines and addressed it to her favorite person in the world.

So to sum up:

Red, white, and pink = good.
Candy = good.
Reading the funny things your kids write = good.
Love = good.

Happy valentine's day.


Tasha said...

That Valentine from Eva to her friend is the sweetest thing EVER! And those earmuffs? Oh my!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I concur! I concur! You wrote a fine argument in Valentine's defense. I'm glad you had such a great day.

Jill said...

Even though I'm prone to feelings of Shmalentineness I actually feel more like you about this day. I love all the hearts and treats and sweetness going around. I just don't enjoy the relationship mockery that takes place, but I think this year I abandoned that once and for all!

Liz said...

LOVe that valentine from Eva to her friend. Super cute!

Melinda said...

This is totally how I feel about Valentines day. Jason and I never go out on the actual day because it is more fun to do a nice dinner with the kids. We go out the following weekend. I didn't get anything out either to decorate and I bought the Loft House super soft sugar cookies and frosting from one of the kids teachers. She ordered some for her class and I happened to be there and told her to order me some!

Charlotte said...

I just love Valentine's Day! And Eva's declaration that "everyone ought to get themselves a Grandma Susan" made me laugh out loud. Seriously. And your valentines this year are too cute. Mine is up on on my memo board.

shannon said...

I never thought about valentines day as relationship mockery, but Jill does have a point. Still, I, too, love everything else about this holiday...I like how you simply put it--It's a day about love and making a special effort to make those around you feel special...

That is the cutest thing EVER that Eva said about everybody getting themselves a "Grandma Susan"--I have to agree with that! I wish I could clone her so we could all have that privelege.

Love the valentine that you made...

And I am swooning right along with you with the Divine Twine...Man! that stuff is cute!

Susan said...

I'm oh so happy to oblige!

I love my valentine from you too, and have it hanging on the vintage retro glass lamp in the kitchen. It makes me smile.

I love you.

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