Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 on the 12th | February

1. Me wearing my wrist splint (I have to wear it to bed to even hope to get any sleep these days).
2. Sour cream banana bars with brown butter frosting for breakfast (recipe from Melanie) – I find these to be dangerously delicious.
3. I attended the worldwide leadership meeting from 9-11.
4. valentines in the mailbox
5. Eva finishing up her school valentines
6. Jill came for Creative Friday and brought Café Rio for lunch!
7. an array of glorious photos that she packaged up for birthday gifts
8. Jill writing cards and the last of the Christmas Cadbury chocolates
9. Max made ranger cookies and added toasted hazelnuts just to make them totally over the top amazing.
10. Max doing chemistry homework
11. a birthday card for a party Lucas attended
12. Marc and I had Chinese take-out for dinner (green bean chicken and sweet & sour pork).

What can I say? It was a great day for food.

The day ended on a sour note, however, as Lucas was late getting home from the party and just as Marc was going to find him, he walked into the house in tears. Apparently the boys were doing things that made him feel uncomfortable (e.g., making crank phone calls) and he wanted to leave. No one would let him borrow a cell phone to call, and he couldn't find the host parents (!). So he finally just walked home (in the dark and cold). He felt sick to his stomach – from anxiety, I'm sure. Marc drove right over and confronted the parents and the kids that were still there. I hope Lucas doesn't suffer too many repercussions at school tomorrow...

Sometimes it's just so hard to be a parent. I can't protect my children from disappointment, frustration, betrayal, hurt feelings, or sadness. But I often wish I could.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, I love foodie days, but really hate tough parenting days. We've had a few around here and it's always so hard - on everyone. Glad Lucas made it home okay. Fingers crossed Lucas has a smooth day tomorrow. (And, good on Marc for not letting it slide!)

Alisa said...

I would love to have the banana recipe. I was just given 40 or so brown bananas.

Hard to have parenting days like that. I have been feeling out of control and not sure what to do. But comfort comes. It will for you too.

Susan said...

I hate it that Lucas had to feel that way. I love it that he made the right choice.

High and low, for sure.

I'm proud of him. While there will undoubtedly be some who scoff, there will be others who recall and admire him for it. Good work, sweet Lucas.

emily said...

I'm so sad for Lucas! But I love that he made the right choice.

Way good day for food, though! And I love that you and Jill had a Creative Friday on Saturday. That is great!

Jill said...

Poor Lucas, what a sad way to end the day! How did the parents react to Marc's confrontation? I didn't even know crank calls were possible in this day of caller ID.

Thanks for having us over!

Liz said...

Oh poor Lucas! Glad he made it home safe!!

All your pictures are great...especially the food ones! :)

Claire said...

Poor Lucas!
I'm glad he had the courage to get out of a situation he was not comfortable with. He's got good character!

patsy said...

Marc- you do too!
HOw in the world do you make a prank phone call anymore??
Maybe you better not tell, my kids read this blog...

Most disturbing-- HELLO where were the parents?

I'm so glad the rest of the day was good!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love seeing the recap of your day. I'm proud of Lucas and Marc.

Miranda said...

So I was just telling Jill about how I vicariously live through your creative Fridays and it is just so true.

That story about Lucas just breaks my heart. What a good boy you have raised with the courage to stand up and walk out.

crystal said...

I love what your mother said. It's so true! Most of those boys will remember Lucas' bravery and wish THEY were the ones who had chosen to be brave.

I love that he left! It's so difficult to stand alone. You tell him that this experience will be one that he can build upon later when he needs such bravery again. I bet Heavenly Father gave him this experience for just that reason.

Boys need their moral courage these days.

It's hard to stand alone, but the more practice you get--the easier it will be. You will have a brave and strong boy.


shannon said...

I think I'm going to use this Lucas's story for an upcoming FHE on making good choices...

I am so impressed with how he handled a sticky situation.

These 12 on the 12th posts are the best! It's so great to see life's little moments all grouped together like this...

P.S. I'm in the process of thank you notes...(one will be coming your way, my friend, for the MOST ADORABLE note cards ever!!! Too bad I won't ever be giving them away! I will hoard them forever!!

rmt said...

Hooray for Lucas for having the courage to walk out of that situation! It takes so much strength to do that! I hope all goes well.

Good food day, indeed! The bars and cookies look soooo good. And- I just heard that we are getting a Cafe Rio in Spanish Fork! I am so thrilled! Yum!

melanie said...

That is a perfect description...dangerously delicious. I've decided I cannot make them unless I have call or reason to give over half the pan away. I pick, pick, pick until way too many are gone. Glad I'm not alone.

I'm so proud of Lucas and sad for him at the same time. That must really mean he's growing up if he's facing that already. (Maybe I'm naive about when 'that' starts anyway). How awesome for him to know his parents will stand up with him and go to bat for him. Go Marc and Michelle.

Charlotte said...

I find that I have to consciously steer clear of centering my 12 on 12 grids around what I eat.

And my heart hurt at reading about Lucas. That's a hard situation for both Lucas and you and Marc as parents. Way to go, Lucas, for being brave and walking out. And way to go, Marc, for confronting those kids and parents.

amy gretchen said...

seriously it looked like a great day for food.
love that you and jill are still getting together.

I'm sorry for lucas, but what a strong kid to get up and leave the situation. i hope he's alright.

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