Friday, January 21, 2011

five for Friday

In addition to Jill's, I got another belated Christmas gift this week: my grandpa gave me a copy of the book Charlotte made about our grandmother's life. (She interviewed her before her death and transcribed the tapes into this book for all of us.) It is such a treasure!

I read it immediately. Although I already knew most of what she wrote, there were a few surprises, and it's just wonderful having it all documented and available for re-reading. I only wish it were longer! A big thank you to Grandpa and Charlotte.

I made a treasure chest cake for New Beginnings. The YW/YM theme for the year is the 13th Article of Faith, and we have decided to focus on the seeking good things and to be treasure-seekers. Although I made this cake 3 times in a row for Lucas's birthday with great success, the one I made yesterday started to completely fall apart in back.

I thought we were going to serve it after our program, but the advisers brought brownies and I came home with the cake intact. Max was shaking his head over the apparent inability of the young women to eat brownies and cake. My family was not complaining, though.

I have been wearing these shoes a lot (highly unusual). I have physical therapy three times a week now, and I felt rather foolish wearing street shoes.

I was measured for custom knee braces, only to find out that they are going to cost $380. Each. Out of pocket. (Insurance pays 80%.) I've had to think on that. I don't want to forego an important part of the treatment, but I also didn't factor in another $800 in our FSA! The jury's still out. The injection portion of the treatment starts next week!

Emily came over on Saturday to hang out with us and she's coming again tomorrow. It's really not too exciting around here, but I'm always glad that she wants to be here. She's so entertaining, and a great sport. She's content to do errands, cook together, or just hang out and knit. She pays attention to the kids and she likes to play games. She even offered to do some cleaning. You can see why she's always welcome here!

A little neighbor wanted to borrow a yarn needle. I gave her one and told her I would love it if she brought it back when she was finished (for some reason, I am always losing them). This is how she returned my "neetle." Love it.

p.s. I took the kids to get haircuts the other night and heard Eva telling her stylist that a boy in her class is a bit of a tomgirl. That's a new one.


Charlotte said...

I'm glad you like the book! I just feel so bad that the font size is so small—I had no idea it would be so minuscule.

And I'm shaking my head at the YW choosing brownies over homemade cake. What the?

That's a lot of money. But I do see how you'd want to invest in that. Tough call.

Emily is one of my favorite people to have around. I'm glad that you're there for her.

That's the cutest return note. Love it.

jt said...

Let's see, let's see...
I too love the book. I was having a tough time with the kids so I went into my room to have a 10 minute breather of alone time. I spent it reading that book and I emerged in a different mood.
I can't believe I never had that cake! How did I miss it so many times?
I say go for it with the braces. If you have it in your FSA, do it.
Jealous of Emily being there. I remember when that was me, both as a college student and after.
And that note is so cute and funny and sweet. I love photographing kid's writing.

Jill said...

It's so fabulous that Charlotte interviewed your grandmother and turned it into this book! Every family should be so lucky.

That's interesting that you didn't end up eating the cake at YW.

It's always strange for me to see you in sneakers, but they definitely seem more therapy-friendly.

It's nice that Emily is part of the family and can blend in like that.

The "neetle" note is so cute.

Natasha said...

Did the neighbor spell your name on the note as it's pronounced? When Carlo and Lelly were at my house two years ago we had a whole discussion on how we each thought your last name is pronounced!

michelle said...

Natasha! I'm cracking up. It's pronounced OH-LIV-EE-AY (French).

Kelly said...

What a wonderful gift! That's definitely a treasure!

Oh, I like the idea of being a treasure seeker. It's interesting to see what different wards do with the theme. I've never seen a treasure chest cake before, but it looks cute. Maybe they chose brownies because they didn't want to be the one to cut into it first.

I'm glad your physical therapy is going well! I never wear tennis shoes either, so I understand.

Eva's comment about the tom girl made me laugh out loud! She is so funny!

rmt said...

Oh my goodness! What a treasure to have a book about your grandmother!

I'm sorry you have to buy knee braces. I hope that is a one-time expense. Yeesh! And- physical therapy three times a week?! Wow! Good luck with that, and I hope it is helping! Poor girl!

The note from your neighbor is very cute. :)

Liz said...

Oh I had to laugh at the tomgirl comment! Too cute!

Those are certainly some expensive knee braces. I sure hope you can figure out a way to swing it, if it will make your knees better.

Denise said...

I just read the "tomgirl" story out loud to the family (Lee and Linda are visiting) and we all had a good laugh!

I love seeing Emily in your posts. I love that she has a place to go to be nurtured. I love you for nurturing her.

You won't be sorry to have the knee braces, but I know how you feel about using that much of your FSA this early in the year.

Did you post the treasure cake recipe on your other blog? Linda wants it for her YW! It's really cute.

Susan said...

Ohhhhh...such a drag, wearing those shoes so much! Well, anything for getting rid of arthritis pain! I've been reading alot about that treatment and asked my Doctor about it and found out it is only for knees. I do have a bad knee too, but my hands are bothering me so much that I am really having a hard time. My left thumb particularly "locks" and it's about like breaking it to force it open or closed...ugh. I had a cortisone shot in the knuckle and it helped for a week but not much more. The shot was a killer!!

Good luck with the braces...I guess you can use your shoe budget towards them!

Tasha said...

First of all, I LOVE Eva's tomgirl remark!
PT is really hard! I'm finally done with it after the knee surgery I had done in October. One session I almost passed out from pain! I hated wearing workout clothes there too! I'm so sorry about the knee brace cost! That's insane!

Is Emily your cousin? Dave has a cousin's daughter here for school and you've inspired me to call her and see if she wants to come eat dinner. She's been over once but probably doesn't feel like she can stop by, thanks for the new goal!

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