Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative Friday!

No school yesterday meant another Creative Friday for us! (Yet another reason to love MLK.)

Café Rio for lunch. (The last time I had it was when Jill and I had lunch in my car outside the jr. high where she works. That was months ago!) Jill brought the Sonic drinks. Treats all around.

We exchanged our Christmas gifts! Oh joy.

Just look at all this goodness: a long, cozy sweater, a spool of Divine Twine (been on my wish list for years), and a new pie plate in my favorite color! She knows me so well.

I gave her a Blurb book: Creative Friday, volume 1. 100 pages only covered about half of the C.F. posts on her blog! (also a new beater for her KitchenAid)

It was so enjoyable putting this book together, revisiting so many good days spent together (peppered with chaos).

I can't remember what Eva said that cracked us all up. She tends to protest when that happens, and it happens frequently.

I worked on thank you cards.

Eva was distressed because none of her friends were home. She was mollified for a time by drawing pictures at the table. This one is a "bird-watching checklist" that she made for Jill – which is good, really, because I'm pretty sure that Jill is sometimes at a loss for things to do...

We broke out the chocolate babka that Rebekah had shipped to us from New York! (It arrived during Christmas vacation, so I popped it in the freezer in preparation for the next C.V.) Never having had babka, we didn't know what to expect. It's kind of like a sweet roll and a croissant, mixed together. With chocolate thrown in for good measure.

At one point, I printed out some birthday tags. Evidently I am running low on some of my printer inks, because these are supposed to be brown, chartreuse, aqua, and pink! What the? I'll just have to wait until I can replenish my ink supply, because this color palette is not working for me.

Jill catching up on her correspondence – all is right with the world.

She wrote 21 cards! So pleasing.


patsy said...

Great day!

that babka looks divine!
I've never had one & now I know I HAVE to try it.

What a good way to start the week

Anonymous said...

What company did you use to make the creative friday book? It looks awesome and someday I want to make my blog a book...


(lurker coming out of hiding) :)

Miranda said...

I always enjoy oohing and aahing over the gifts you and Jill give to each other. It is so obvious that you are very close friends. Also, please tell Marc that I love his jacket.

jt said...

I too love Marc's hoodie, and I would want every one of those gifts that Jill gave you.

And still jealous of the Cafe Rio salad.

Jill said...

It was a great day of productivity, good food and gifts!

Kim Sue said...

LOVE the blurb book....so want to make my blog into a book.

Denise said...

I am so glad that you and Jill got to have CF on MLK Day! I've been in mourning for you both ever since Jill started her job.

I LOVE your Blurb books. What a fantastic gift!

Please please please can I have tags for my birthday?

And never mind that I haven't sent your Christmas gift yet. Just never mind. I haven't forgotten, and I feel lame.

Nail polish? One of my favorite standby's is OPI's Twenty Candles on My Cake.

Claudissima said...

aleluya! for creative friday! Wow that is a lot of correspondence. I am always happy to see you report your day!

linda said...

I have a divine recipe for babka, I don't make it often, because you could quite literally eat it in one sitting! It is one of my and Blake's favorites. It's so nice to see you and Jill together again, doing something you love. The Blurb book looks like a treasure, indeed.

Charlotte said...

What a fun day! That sounds like the perfect way to spend a holiday. And I love love love the ampersand hoodie of Marc's.

Susan said...

So happy that Creative Friday catch-up comes along once in a while. I, like Denise have mourned both your not having it and the associated posts!

Looks like a successful make-up day and fun for all. I loved the family shot with Marc and Max as well.

Now we'll all have to wait for the next one. *sigh*

Tasha said...

Those bday tags are the cutest! Can I buy some?

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