Monday, December 13, 2010

12 on the 12th | December

1. There is lots of snow on the mountains, but none down here in the valley. And it has been in the 40s!
2. Sunday finery – I had morning meetings, and we had tithing settlement at 10:00.
3. Little Christmas trees make me happy, and Marc and I share an affinity for the off-white ones.
4. a bowl of clementines on the table
5. Lucas was sick in bed all day with a fever. (It's sad how many of my 12ths included sickness!)
6. The last cookie from a new recipe I tried. If you are a fan of salty & sweet, you have to try these! The pretzels are a genius addition.
7. I wanted to get a picture of Eva in her new fancy outfit, but she changed so fast after church that I missed my opportunity. (She was happy to pose in her casual clothes.)
8. Max playing Christmas carols from A Classical Christmas, a cool book that sets carols in classical pieces. (I realized that a lot of my 12ths have piano photos, as well.)
9. the scripture advent calendar from The Friend (thanks, Jess!)
10. the remains of the newspapers after I culled the coupons
11. #12 of the stocking advent, a highly anticipated part of the day.
12. I finished my book club book! sniff.

It was thoroughly enjoyable participating in 12 on the 12th all year. As I looked back over my collages for the year, I noticed some trends: sickness, piano, nature, recipes, books. Well, 4 out of 5 are some of my favorite things...


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your 12 on 12's.

What are some ideas for your advent socks? I get stuck on advents and would love to hear about your ideas.

Jill said...

Oh your Sunday finery has me feeling envious...2011 is my year!

It's funny that you found some patterns in your 12 on the 12th's, I did too. Surprisingly, Miracle Bread factored into many of mine.

jenn said...

I can't wait to see what Sunday finery Jill busts out with for 2011! And I want to know, first- how to make your stocking advent and second- what you put in it. I'm 80 pages from finishing the book- a good precedent for 2011- the year of actually reading the book (and apparently Sunday finery!)

Lee said...

Michelle, how do you do that with the grid of photos? Is that photoshop? Let me know okay, I want to do it on my blog. (I'm your mom's friend Lisa)

Rebekah said...

More evidence of a stylish life! I love these grids.

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