Saturday, October 16, 2010

good and not so good

Good: Eva let me do this for crazy hair day on Wednesday! I loved looking at her, and her hair is still somewhat curly. (Don't ask me why I think her hair is cute curly, but not so much mine, but I do.)

Not so good: Lucas was home sick for three days this week.

Good: He's feeling better, and he read about 650 pages while lying on the couch.

Not so good: I have his cold now and I'm pretty miserable. (I'm hoping that it will run its course and I'll be feeling fit as a fiddle when I go to Denver for Charlotte's wedding on Thursday!)

Good: I got my hair cut and colored today after 3 months' worth of re-growth!

Good: Max had his first swim meet this week and also went on a 50-mile bike ride with his Scout troop! Oh to be in such good shape.

Good: It's almost time to pick the grapes and make juice!

Good: I don't have to teach primary tomorrow!


Susan said...

You, wearing a sweater? Yes.

Quite a variety of good and not so good...very entertaining. Sorry you have a cold, colds are YUK!

Looking forward to seeing you soon and the photo log that will follow. I'd take you for my photographer anyday.

See you soon. I'm a bit in the weeds and may not have time for catching up on blogs until the gala is over!

Claudissima said...

Cute Eva....Love the title, but ohh not the not so good ones....Hope you feel good and radiant for the wedding...Your mom always makes me smile....Wow...reading that many pages is good...the feeling of getting hair done is just beautiful....

Jill said...

Eva looks so cute with her hair like that, and I really loved the twists she had after you took the knots out!

Oh Lucas sick again...I blame the hair.

I'm sorry you got his cold. Hopefully you can stay in bed and read and sleep as much as possible, all the while thinking good, healthy thoughts to think yourself well.

Oh to be in shape like Max is right now! He doesn't even know to appreciate could he?

Hooray for not having to teach primary today. We spent 2 hours practicing for the primary program again today and I am totally wasted! I am seriously contemplating wearing knee pads under my skirt next week!

patsy said...

Charlotte is getting married!?


jenn said...

The cold is a really big "not so good" especially before a wedding! But I love that the "good" outweighs the "not so good" when you make lists like this!!

Rebekah said...

Wow, a 50 mile drive knackers me. Sad.

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