Saturday, August 28, 2010

I can't stand goodbyes

On our last day at the Outer Banks, we finished up our packing and prepared to part ways. (I foolishly decided not to do my hair that day, since we would be driving most of the day to get back to Charlotte. I should have predicted that we would take a family photo. It figures.)

my mom hugging Eva

Lucas getting a juicy smooch from Fiona

Ryan and Jessie (Ryan gives the best hugs of anyone I know.)

My parents and my siblings. (Bella is poking her head up and crying because Jessie told her that this was a photo of just her original family. Bella did not get that at all and was quite offended.)

Notice Fiona pulling out the pirate face, despite my attempts at being sneaky.

We only really had to say goodbye to my mom, Ryan and Miles, since they were going directly home to Pennsylvania, and my dad was driving back to Charlotte to transport my boys and all of the luggage. If you have to say goodbye, a staggered approach can be a mitigating factor.

The girls had only one pillow in the car and tried to share it. It didn't work out all that well.

We had a cool, rainy day, and although I'm sure it wasn't great for the drivers, it felt heavenly to me. I was so grateful for a bit of respite from the heat and humidity. I'm definitely not made for the South.

Max, Lucas, and my dad had one more night of sleeping at Jessie's before departing early Sunday morning. I took the boys for one last Rita's water ice and to get snacks at Trader Joe's. Once again, they had to get up before 4:00 am to go to the airport. They were good sports.

I drove them to the airport to fill out the necessary paperwork for them to travel as unaccompanied minors, and then I had to hobble through the airport to walk them to their gate. I know they're older children, but it still felt very foreign to send them off to travel by themselves. I sat at the gate and waited for quite awhile until the plane actually took off, just to be sure.


lelly said...

there was a cool day in north carolina this summer and i missed it?!?

Jill said...

I don't like good bye's either, so the staggered approach would be nice to me too.

Fiona's kiss looks SUPER juicy!

That's funny that Bella was offended about not being part of Jessie's original family.

Melinda said...

GOod byes are never fun. How fun for Max and Lucas to go on their own trip. I would have sat at the gate for a while to. I'm a worry wort.

I can't believe you have to do an activity every month! That is soo much work! You are so talented, you could take one talent and teach the ladies how to do it and that would take up a whole year! Baking bread, cakes, cooking in general, sewing, tags, needle point,flowers for hair or broaches, photography, making photo cards. These are all things I would kill to learn from you!!

Susan said...

Wonderful sentiments and good photos, as usual.

And Ryan does give the best hugs.

Miss you still.

Claudissima said... are a superb...what a great family and what a joy to spend time with them, even when they live across the country...I love it, that they traveled, alone what a great thing to share for future...but I would probably stay like you....and feel a bit wow....can't believe fun was to see you, thank you again, and it is always a pleasure spending time with you ma cousine.

jenn said...

What am I missing- the boys flew home alone? flew somewhere else? I have yet to stick a child on a plane- don't know if I could do it.

damn hair. Why does it take so much time and effort to have good hair and why do the cameras always come out on days we don't think it is worth the investment?!! good grief. Your family photo is still adorable and I love that Bella's trying to be part of the photo.

Rebekah said...

You, your mom, and Ryan all have the same smile!

I really am falling in love with little Fiona. She is adorable!

We had a coolish day yesterday and I wanted to hug the universe.

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