Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seattle, day 3

After the busyness of our first two days, I needed a day of more leisurely activity. We decided to go to the University Village outdoor mall, one of our old favorite haunts. Our dear friend Katrina joined us there with her darling son, Matho.

First stop: World Wrapps for lunch! Come to Mama.

Max and I had the Samurai salmon rice bowls. Marc had the same thing, but in wrap form. I was a tiny bit bummed that I didn't get a wrap, because we make these rice bowls at home, but whatevs. It was still fabulous. And we all had our favorite peanut butter/banana smoothies.

Eva played on the little playground while we ate.

And hung with Red Eye.

After lunch, I went to explore Impress Rubber Stamps, which came to the mall after we left Seattle, so I had only shopped there online. Ooh la la. I wanted so many things, but I contented myself with samples of all of the colors of Divine Twine (be still my heart) – for me and my book club friends.

L'Occitane is a favorite store from Paris. I stopped in for a spritz of one of their new summer fragrances. They do lemon and verbena like nobody's business.

We had to sample cupcakes from another new (to us, anyway) place.

I had the triple coconut. Thumbs up!

Eva discovered some fountains to play in, and although we didn't have any extra clothing with us, she threw caution to the wind and got completely soaked. (And miraculously did not cry when she had to go around in wet clothes!)

Eva and Matho got on famously.

Katrina's a smart mama and brought both a change of clothing and toys to entertain the kids. We sat and caught up with each other while the kids played. Marc and the boys went to H&M and found Max some new jeans and Lucas a new hat.

Kat and Matho came back to our place for a swim. Well, Kat didn't have a suit with her, so she sat on the edge of the pool and talked to me while I swam with the little ones.

It was pretty much a perfect day.


Jill said...

This looks like a great day of aesthetically pleasing shop experiences. Thank you for buying the Divine Twine and sharing it with us at book club!

Triple coconut looks pretty, but not appetizing to me. How am I missing the coconut gene?

lelly said...

the smell of lemon and verbena will ALWAYS remind me of Seattle (at the time I was traveling their for gift shows in the late 90s, it was a very popular in candles, lotions, etc. much more so than the East Coast.)

patsy said...

I am loving these Seattle posts... IT's been so very very long since i've shopped there.
But- I have been here. I didn't know they had H&M - wow-

I could NEVEr be happy going around in wet clothes all day. kids crack me up

Melinda said...

I hope all of the throwing up has passed for you. That can never be good.

Your trip looks like it was so much fun. I have never been to Seattle but want to one day. Jason goes quite a bit for work.

jenn said...

I am thrilled and envious to read about your Seattle trip- mine would never be the same as yours but I still miss so much about the beautiful Northwest and would LOVE to go back!

My first stop would have been Ivar's for fish and chips.

Kim Sue said...

enjoying Seattle with you!

melanie said...

My trips to Seattle need to include more of this! Especially that cupcake and those wraps, yum!

Again blogging makes the world just a little bit smaller. Follow me here.... My husband's cousin married Katrina's cousin last October and I recognize Matho from their wedding! So, she doesn't know me and I don't know her (or you in real life) but I still love the small world connection!

Miranda said...

I miss Seattle, like, way bad now. I also miss you. Are you home yet?

Barb said...

Your holiday looks so great! We were in Vancouver on the weekend and if we'd had our passports with us we might have popped down to Seattle. Now I wish we had!

Esther said...

I love, love, love Seattle...It seems that you guys had a great time.

Kelly said...

I love the man's face in the background of the picture of Eva and Matho playing in the fountain. He looks delighted!

It does look like a wonderful day!

Rebekah said...

'Come to Mama' Ha ha!

I have shopped online from Impress thanks to your blog, and it I had to contain myself from overspending. Do you ever want to buy things just because they are beautiful, and not necessarily because you have any intention of ever using them? Ha!

We have a L'Occitane in Union Station, and I always looked forward to seeing their window displays. I've never been in though. True story, I had a friend here who thought it was pronounced 'Le Oc-tane'. She was applying for a job there and I told her she should nail down the pronunciation before she went to her interview.

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