Saturday, June 19, 2010

seven for Saturday

1. We all went to see Toy Story 3 today. Marc and I have been anxiously awaiting its open, while the kids didn't seem super excited about it. We talked them into it, though, and of course they all enjoyed it. They were all big Toy Story fans when they were little.

We originally went to the 1:45 show, but it was sold out and we would have had to sit in the front row. Fortunately, Marc exchanged our tickets for a later show, and then he and the boys went an hour early to ensure good seats. Thumbs up from the Olivier crew.

2. I dug up my ancient hot glue gun to make some flower hair clips. One of my sweet neighbor Heidi's five daughters was married this week and I was putting together some little gift bags for the young girls who helped to serve at the reception. Eva loved them, so of course I had to make a few extras.

3. After church last week, all three kids were playing the piano together. We moved the piano upstairs recently, and I think it's pretty cool. I find I like the piano more now that it's not banished downstairs, as if it has more legitimacy in its new home. (It's an old upright that we inherited a long long time ago, so it's nothing fancy, but I love its tone and now I think I just appreciate it more in general.)

It's been getting a lot of play, and that's a very good thing (except when I'm trying to take a nap).

4. The other day, I was feeling better. SO much better. And I realized that I had really missed cooking. I had to make something, specifically something baked. That's when I decided to make Angel Biscuits. I haven't made them for years! I have no idea why. They are fast, easy, and delicious. My family was thrilled and have asked for a repeat. Soon.

5. Eva came with me to the wedding reception. Lucas wasn't feeling well, Max had a trek family reunion, Marc was out of town, but Eva was thrilled to be my escort. It was her first reception and even though it was an outdoor affair, she insisted on putting on her best dress and having her hair fixed up. These requests are rare, and I'm not one to refuse – there were quite a few people there in jeans. It's a wedding, people! I think I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed.

Anyway. It was a lovely reception, and Eva was enchanted with the bride, the cake, the flowers, and of course, the candy.

6. I went to WinCo today to get groceries for Father's Day. I was shocked and amazed to see that they carry Umpqua ice cream! This is an Oregon brand that Marc grew up with. I enjoyed it many a time when we visited his parents in Eugene, but since they moved to Salt Lake, we haven't had any. Chocolate peanut butter, definitely his flavor of choice. I think it will make a nice addition to Father's Day dinner (atop chocolate peanut butter brownies).

7. It's officially summer here. It took awhile, what with the unseasonably cold temperatures and my sickness that seemed to go on forever and ever, but it really feels like summer now, and I'm enjoying it. After feeling awful for so long, and then gradually better but really weak, I woke up one day this week and felt my lungs filling with air, with ease, and it was the most amazing feeling.

I can vacuum! I can clean bathrooms! I can cook dinner! I can carry in a 40-pound bag of dog food from the car! I love not being sick.


Jill said...

We went to the 1:45 showing at Thanksgiving Point and had the luxury of reserved seating so we got the top row and all together, it was great. We all loved the movie, and not surprisingly it made me cry at the end.

I love biscuits!

The cupcake picture is so pleasing!

How funny that Eva actually wanted to get all dressed up for the reception.

I've never heard of that ice cream before but will have to give it a whirl.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Who is Charlotte and when can she come to my house? How wonderful!!!

I am in love with your recipes! Can't wait to try these biscuits!!

Choc peanut butter ice cream on top of brownies? Delish! Gotta love all things OREGON!

Love the wedding banner and fence! I always find cupcakes at wedding somewhat magical!

I heard the movie was good and that I was warned I would cry - we are watching the first 2 movies before we go this next week....


patsy said...

I love this post!
WE went to TS3 too!! Just like jill, thanks to reserved seats we sat in my favorite-- the back row.

YES- I have anticipated the movie all year, then nearly had to make my kids go... they loved it :)

It feels like summer here too & I am so happy- I think it was forever getting here?

I love candy at a wedding reception! It's so fun to see the childrent get so giddy. Hooray for EVa dressing up! I have to admit I am the worlds worst dresser upper... I just don't put things together well. It's a family curse- you are the lucky one :)


patsy said...

p.s. I think that cupcake photos would make a terrific birthday card!

Susan said...

Wow, the exuberance of your post says a lot about your feeling better!

What a lot to take in, I love being caught up,but mostly, I love that I can hear in your voice you really do feel better!

I never take my health for granted and try to remember how thankful I am for it when I'm a little down and feeling "oh woe is me" with responsibility of a physical kind. I'm so happy that I can do what I need to do. Sounds like you feel the same.

And, I love that Eva wants to doll up! Gotta love them Petersen genes.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are feeling better!!!

I loved the movie- and the short beforehand was BEAUTIFUL. Pixar does it for me- no question about that.

I love the idea of your piano upstairs and flower hair bows and summer finally being in full swing! I know what you mean about baking- I want out stuff to get here already!

Charlotte said...

I am SO glad you feel like cleaning bathrooms! (Who'd have thought that you'd miss that particular ability?)

And that ice cream? Whoa. Loved it. Really.

linda said...

I always say, it is better to be the best dressed than the worst dressed. Go Eva! And whoever thought it was okay to wear jeans to a wedding reception, even an outdoor one, must have grown up in the backwoods!!!

crystal said...

I love that photo of the cupcakes and banner. It was a teaser, though! I want to see photos of all the wedding details!

Jeans. At a wedding. There should've been a big burley guy at the gate, turning such travesties away.

Eva is a darling.

everything pink! said...

so funny my sister in law in NY just went to a reception in Utah and actually took photos of everyone in jeans because she could not believe it! how funny you said the same thing.

and that glue gun is vintage, those things could start fires now these days. remember when it was a big deal to own one and now they are $.99 cents.

emily said...

I agree with Susan. This post is so uplifting. I love that it celebrates so many aspects of your life.

Eva looks so much like Lucas in that picture! Whoa.

Hopefully the rule will catch on in your household as it has in ours that naptime is not the time for practicing piano.

Love you and miss you!

rebekah said...

I am so glad the that 3rd Toy Story lived up to its predecessors! I think it will be remembered as one of the best movie franchises of modern times.

Hot glue! Sometimes I get on a hot glue roll and go looking for things that I can glue together. Instant crafts!

You know, when I was little I loved wedding receptions. We went to one at our stake center once and I was so enthralled with the bride. Later in the evening I found one of the beads from her dress on the floor, and I saved it for years and years after that! I thought it would bring me good luck :).

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