Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative Friday

Last Friday, that is. Jill and Landon came, and Max was on Trek, so we only had 3 kids that day.

Somehow Jill managed to get a photo of Lucas smiling, no small feat! He absolutely loves summer Fridays and is basically counting the minutes until Landon arrives. I'm so glad these two are such good friends and have been... pretty much forever.

Unfortunately, they wanted to play Guitar Hero World Tour. Which means, of course, frantically strumming a plastic bar and beating on plastic drums. I'm not saying that the real instruments would be better, but maybe.

This was Jill's reaction when they suddenly quit after only 10 minutes of playing! Mercy.

Eva was occupied for quite awhile with painting the dinosaurs Aunt Michelle gave her. (I could kiss you, Michelle.)

Jill also managed to get a good picture of Jack! She was really on a roll.

She made very pleasing Paris cards. Will we ever tire of our Paris photos? I think not.

Eva made us some tea while wearing these gloves and a ring made out of pipe cleaners, which totally cracked me up.

Her art supplies. What is it about all these colors that makes them so irresistible? (It almost makes me wonder why I loved b&w photography for so long...)

We had another rainstorm. Staying inside and listening to rain is one of my favorite pleasures in life.

Jill was going to her car and called me over to see the photo-worthy roses, covered in raindrops. Of course we had to have an impromptu photo session (the rain had stopped). I was dreading seeing Jill's pictures, as I always experience a bit of photo jealousy when we take pictures of the same things. I did see them, and my dread was justified. She has a gift!

Landon was incredibly patient, and even borrowed Jill's camera to take a few photos himself!

Water is just plain cool.

I love this upside-down rose.

Jill was kind enough to spare me the self-portrait, as I still hadn't summoned the energy to do my hair and put on makeup. That's what friends are for.


Jill said...

It cracks me up that you said I spared you the self-portrait. The picture of me fake crying can serve as our self-portrait for the day because your reflection is in the cabinet behind me.

Miranda said...

Eva is such a lucky girl to have such beautiful art supplies! Those flowers post rainstorm are gorgeous. I don't blame you for never getting tired of your Paris photos.

Charlotte said...

What a lovely day!!

Susan said...

As always, a covetess day!

And I agree,those are some dang good photos Jill has taken. I love the roses.

I'm happy that you felt up to having the gang over...and I was thinking that maybe Lucas doesn't mind his picture being taken so much now that he is a cool dude with that hair! Could be....

everything pink! said...

that picture of jack could be on a cover of a magazine!!!

i need some good rose advice

rebekah said...

Oh, that picture of Jack is so sweet. He looks so innocent.

Eva's art supplies reminds me of the Prang sets that were all the rage when I was little. When I finally got one, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

The upside down rose is beautiful! It reminds me of the covers on THOSE books...

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