Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday thoughts

Here I am home from church again, but this time it's because I'm sick. (Actually, everyone is sick except for Lucas, who was the first to recover.)

I turned again to my notes from Women's Conference, specifically the talk given by the new Primary presidency. We missed part of this talk, but I really loved what we did see and hear. (This is the talk that left us all a weepy mess.)

  • Parents should be vigilant about watching for opportunities to spontaneously bear testimony. These teaching moments create long-lasting memories.
  • We never outgrow the need hear testimony from our parents. (I love this.)
  • A mother could see that the way she chastened her young child was too harsh. Frustrated and out of ideas, she asked him, "When I need to show you a better way, how should I do it?" He answered, "You can choose the right, and I will follow you."
  • All of our individual spiritual gifts come from Heavenly Father, and we can use them to help children.
  • As you speak of Christ, you will feel the powers of heaven helping you.
  • As you do your best, your testimony of Jesus Christ will gently distill upon the hearts of your children.

My very favorite part was a video that they showed where they had interviewed Primary children and asked them these questions:
  • What is your favorite Primary song?
  • How does it feel to be reverent?
  • Who is your favorite person in the scriptures?
  • Can you recite an article of faith?
  • How do you know Heavenly Father loves you?
  • What do you have a testimony of?
I totally want to do this with the children in my class! It was the sweetest thing, and very touching. I can only imagine how their parents would feel to watch their answers.


patsy said...

I hate missing church. I am coming down with a cold... do you have a cold? I hope you guys get better soon. Right now I know a lot of people are sick, strange this time of year.

I love this message.
All day today I wished I taught primary again. The gospel is so pure there & I love to see children feel the Holy Ghost.
I'm never missing women's conference again

Jill said...

I can't believe you're ALL sick! How can Max still be sick? I think it's because of Jack, the air in your house must be contaminated.

I loved this talk too and need to watch it in its entirety on BYUtv.

jenn said...

I'm sorry you are home sick, but I love that you are revisiting your Women's Conference notes! The child who told their parent to choose the right- that's a bit of a knife in the heart. I often feel that I am inadequate as a parent, but I have also felt the powers of heaven helping and I love those times.

Susan said...

Thanks for the inspiration.

So sorry you're sick.

Denise said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick. Hope you're on the mend soon. I've got to look up this talk online and see if/when it will be rebroadast on BYUtv.

Snow? I think Utah didn't get the memo that it's almost JUNE! We about froze to death at clogging Nationals on Saturday.

Claudissima said...

Maybe you should send Jack out on vacation for a month or so....and see if there is a difference.....Nice notes, thanks for sharing, it is always better for me to see visuals.....

Claudissima said...

I think you should send Jack on vacation for a month or so, and see if it really is the cause of all your allergies or sickness....not a bad idea!! I think you were pretty good out in Paris no? There is nothing soo debilitating as feeling under the weather......Great foto>

rebekah said...

"Parents should be vigilant about watching for opportunities to spontaneously bear testimony. These teaching moments create long-lasting memories."

This is my favorite point. Imagine if all of the adults in a child's life were freely bearing their testimonies?

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