Saturday, May 22, 2010

six for Saturday

1. Max had his last orchestra concert of the year this week. Sadly, Marc had a previous engagement and I had to stay home with the sick kids. Fortunately, Marc's parents came down from Salt Lake to attend (on very short notice, too). We are so lucky to have grandparents nearby.

I wanted to recognize it nonetheless, so I took Max to the Cocoa Bean Café to pick out some gourmet cupcakes. They were enjoyed by all, and Eva was especially thrilled that some of them were topped with edible glitter.

2. When Lucas and Eva are home sick at the same time, it works out rather well for me. They put on several puppet shows, and with the prep time for creating a stage, selecting the puppets, planning out the scenes, and making signs, it makes for a pretty nice break.

3. I took a cue from Jill and bought these cute totes at Target. I filled them with the new Conference issue of the Ensign, a highlighter, and homemade chocolate/chocolate chip cookies for my Visiting Teaching companion and the women that we visit. I don't know that they needed these, but it sure did make me feel happy to deliver them.

I was heading out to my car on Wednesday evening to make my deliveries when I realized that all four of the women live within an easy walking distance, so I went for a lovely stroll. I've lived in Utah for 12 years, and I still feel amazed about that. (I got sick later that night, and was ever so pleased that I completed that task before being down for the count.)

4. Aha! I finally spotted the new pretzel m&ms at Target! Charlotte and I bought some to test and I am giving them a big thumbs up. You can't beat that great salty/sweet combination in my book.

5. This is a sight that makes Eva swoon. I pulled it out one day this week when she was home sick and bored. She took great pains to select the right colors for both her fingernails and toenails.

She is so impatient during the drying time that I swear each time I'll never do it again. This time she quizzed me in great detail about getting your nails done "at the salon." She can't wait to go there herself. Oh dear.

6. This is the card Marc gave me for Mother's Day. It is just so appropriate.

I have no plans to cook this weekend, so maybe it will be a nice break for us all! (Well, Marc and Max might not be so thrilled.)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun catch-up post Michelle. I can't wait to try the pretzel m&m's.

Miranda said...

I pretty much want to comment on every picture! Look at you miss extraordinary VT! I'm getting in my car right now to go to Target and buy that tote and those M&M's. Oh and more nail polish because I pretty much need a collection just like yours.

Jill said...

Those cupcakes are a thing of beauty.

I'm so glad Lucas' being home took the edge off having Eva sick at home with you, I know how Smothering that can be for you.

Woohoo on doing those bags for your visiting teaching people! I think little gifts here and there make things more fun, need has nothing to do with it.

I want to try the pretzel M&Ms!

That picture of the nail polishes makes me swoon too.

The Iron Chef card is hilarious! Perhaps Marc and/or Max should take over for awhile.

patsy said...

The CUPCakes
The Pretzel m &m's
the polish
the bags-

and that card!
there is so much to love in this post :)

I love it all

jenn said...

pretzel m&m's?!!! sound perfect. Salty and sweet is my favorite combination!

the mother's day card is HILARIOUS! I'm glad you are taking a break.

Susan said...

Those cupcakes, oh, my!

Hooray for Max's performance. How I wish I were close enough to attend.

Looks like you had a productive time prior to coming down with the black damp...get better soon!

crystal said...

Freaking PRETZEL M&M's?????? I could swear (@%$&*#!!!) with delight! Cannot WAIT to grab some of these.

Why, oh why did you have to introduce these to me during The Great Weight Loss Campaign.

Again, with the swearing.

That Iron Chef cartoon cracked me up, because I also live it. Grrrr. I make something tantalizing and difficult and time-consuming...they all pick at it. (except Mike) I make spaghetti with canned tomato puree and they scarf it.

More swearing.

Price Cream Parlor said...

SNOW? So strange today - glad it is gone!
Sorry you are sick! That is always a hard thing to swing when you are the Mom!!
Loving the Mother's day card! - sad I can relate!
Ohhh!~ How did those cupcakes score compared to Sweet Tooth? Might have to try those - they looked delightful..
Those bags are such a great idea from Jill - I really must go get some - soon!
Pretzel M&M's? Who knew?!!
...made your miracle bread tonight to take two people dinner. Wonderful - thank you!

Claudissima said...

where are my comments.....?

Claudissima said...

ohhhh my gosh...those are darling darling bags....the linning is to die for!

Michelle said...

Pretzel m&ms? But my dieting has been going so well!

rebekah said...

Ooh, I'd give a lot for just ONE of those cupcakes right now.

I can't believe you had ribbon that perfectly matched the bags! That's awesome.

I really, really need a pedicure.

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