Friday, May 21, 2010

not Creative Friday

I came down with whatever it is my kids have been sick with for over a week now. I was just congratulating myself, too, on my frequent hand-washing, vitamin-taking, sickness-resisting ways. That'll show me, I guess.

I was hoping I'd still be up for Creative Friday, but I really wasn't. A girl can hope.

Jill came by anyway and brought me Café Rio for lunch, a Sonic drink, and a stack of books. (I had unfortunately run out of books waiting in the wings at a very inopportune time.)

Eva lured Jill into her room to show her a big stack of her pictures, and then held her captive for quite some time. I found them tickling and scaring each other with the Bizarre Dinosaurs book.

For today at least, I'm trying to do as little as possible, taking DayQuil, and staying close to my new box of Puffs with Vicks (SUCH a good idea). Maybe I'll even get to lie down and read one of my new books!

It's so good to have such a good friend.


amyfm said...

there is nothing quite like a friend like Jill. So glad she was able to be there for you.

paws said...

I recommend Breathe Right strips if you have nasal congestion. They really work!

April said...

And that is exactly what you have.

Liz said...

So sorry your are sick! Jill is so nice to bring you good books to read and entertain Eva! I hope you feel better soon!

P.S. I just finished "Little Bee", such a sad but sweet story.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry you ended up getting sick too! It's bad enough to have a house full of sick kids, but too cruel to have to succumb yourself.

I'm glad we were able to have a tasty lunch and talk for awhile.

Eva was in highly entertaining form, so it was fun to play with her.

I didn't remember until almost 10:00 last night that I totally forgot to bring you the gallon of milk you needed!!! I feel so stupid about that and I am so sorry.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry your sick!

Ironically, Little Bee, at the top of your stack is what I just started.

I hope you can get a lot of rest this weekend - I'm glad the grandparents took your kiddos today.

jenn said...

I'm sorry you are sick- I hope you get good down time and not just misery and smotherhood.

Hooray for friend Jill!

Susan said...

It makes any mother so happy for her daughter to have a friend like Jill.

Actually, I have a goal to be a friend like Jill to someone!

I love Jill.

rebekah said...

What a good friend, indeed!

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