Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hope of America

Harking all the way back to May 5th, we went to see Lucas and many, many other 5th graders in Hope of America at the Marriott Center. (Because what's more American than Cinco de Mayo?!)

There was a pretty full house for this event.

It was long, and loud. Eva looked this for most of the night.

In addition to the songs sung by the 5th graders, there were many other numbers and dances in-between. Truth be told, we were getting weary and thought the program was running way too long.

The Dancing Grannies were about to put us over the edge, until they spotlighted a 93-year-old woman at the end who can kick her leg up by her head and then do the splits. Okay. If you can do that at age 93, I applaud you.

They played part of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech. I admit to becoming a little verklempt at this point in the program.

Through using the super-zoom on my camera, I was finally able to locate Lucas in the crowd. I pointed him out to Max, and the following conversation ensued:

Max: "Oh, I found him already."
Me: "What? How could you see him with the naked eye?!"
Max: "I just looked for the helmet and I found him."
Me: "Surely there are multiple kids with helmet hair here."
Max: "Yes, but his is the most egregious."

When you're sitting through a long program, it helps to have entertainment like that.

I got some video, too – proof that Lucas was actually singing!

He looked like he was having fun, too. I think it's pretty great for the kids to be a part of something so big.

The grand finale.

No more Hope of America for another 6 years!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

My goodness, what a production to undertake. Your first few paragraphs I thought, "I should have been Michelle's surrogate for the night, I would have loved this!" but it sounds like by the middlish-to-end you didn't need one.

I had to look up verklempt. Now THAT is a useful word. I expect to need that one someday. I thank you ahead of time for it.

Maybe, maybe, maybe by the time I'm 96 I'll have shrunk enough to do a kick and the splits. It's something to hope for. That's an incredible feat.

charlotte said...

I had to look up "verklempt," and while not in Webster's (what the?!) it is on the internet. Nice word. I love it. I love new words!

And Max's observation that Lucas's helmet is the most egregious is one of the funniest things I've read this week. Thanks for sharing that :)

Jill said...

I still remember how I felt when we went last year for Landon's turn...it was sooooo long! The MLK part was moving except that our school had used the same clip for their choir concert a week before, so I was already tapped out on that.

At least you could see Lucas (and his egregious hair) with your zoom lens! I never really spotted Landon for sure.

It's a long night for the families but I agree that it's a great experience for the kids to be part of something like that.

2 years until Whitney goes!

Michelle said...

I guess it shows the age difference since Charlotte doesn't know the word verklempt - Mike Meiers taught a whole generation....

I think it's great blackmail material that you caught Lucas singing and I love that Max can use the word egregious in a sentence.

jenn said...

I guess I'm not a Mike Myers fan because I had to look up verklempt too. And I love the Max used egregious. Oh to be such a master of words.

It was worth my time and sore back for Kate to participate two years ago. A little sad that the program never changes- we saw MLK, sang with flashlights and watched an old lady do the splits too (though if it was the same lady, she was only 91 when we saw her!).

Lucas does look like he is having a good time!

jenn said...

I meant to say, "I love THAT Max..."

To say "the Max" sounds like all the people who say "the BYU" and although I may not know what verklempt means and I rarely use egregious in a sentence- I am NOT going to be one of those people! good grief.

Amie said...

We were there too! And it was a little long. We spotted James by saying "he better not be the one acting like an idiot" (ya, our words are not like your words!) He was. Ya.

I can't believe it is the middle of May either. Wah.

amyfm said...

sounds like a really great event to be apart of. love the close ups.

patsy said...

don't hate me...
but I think I like lucas' hair?
"Hair- the best way to rebel." that's my motto-

that Hope of America looks like 10 tons of work for someone! wow- very impressive.

rebekah said...

Oh, the helmet. How is it that we can be so confident in our bad styles when we're younger? You have to laugh, I guess.

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