Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 on the 12th | May

1. tulips covered in morning rain (I could do a whole grid just on the rain photos I took!)
2. the remains of someone's breakfast chocolate milk
3. spraying Lysol all over since Max is on day 6 of fever and cough
4. I watched Chuck while exercising instead of my usual reading and I burned 50 more calories...
5. registered Eva for afternoon kindergarten!
6. preschool drop-off
7. finally, finally got a much-needed pedicure!
8. I cleaned off my dresser on the 11th, but I'm counting every day it stays clean a victory.
9. Anagram Magic, Lucas's new favorite computer game – now there's a game I can encourage!
10. some rare Utah moss we found growing at Eva's preschool teacher's house
11. reading to Eva before bed
12. loading the dishwasher before I retired early, exhausted


charlotte said...

I *love* the purple tulips. Seriously.

I love "Chuck."

A game called Anagram Magic is definitely one you should encourage!

Eva looks so grown up that picture.

Love it.

Michelle said...

I love that "Chuck" helped you burn more calories.

The picture of the tulips is incredible....I want to see all your rain photos.

Yea! Afternoon kindergarten!

Jill said...

That rainy tulip photo is gorgeous, what a score!

I am so thrilled you finally got a pedicure, what a relief!!

Congratulations on maintaining a clean dresser, that's a serious accomplishment.

patsy said...

I can't believe it's the middle of may either? It's disturbing to me how fast time is going.

I too want to see the rainy photos! I love the tulips.
REally- six days with fever?? poor kid!
Hooray for kindergarten!!

jenn said...

I know Eva can be a challenging personality, but didn't it hurt your heart just a little to register her for Kindergarten?

Cool moss. Always reminds me of home/Washington.

Lindsay said...

Tulips have always been one of my favorite flowers and yours look especially beautiful.

My boys play on Miniclip all the time but I am positive that not one of them has played Anagram Magic let alone declared it his favorite. Someday maybe?

Cara said...

I wish my dresser top was as pretty as yours! I love how your pedi flip-flops match your toes♥

Melinda said...

I'll say it again, love those tuplips! Yea for a pedicure. I need one so bad right now.

Wow, afternoon kindergarten, you and Jill will be alone for creative fridays! Way to go for the extra calories burned.

Susan said...


amyfm said...

Your collage is so pleasing. love the pedicure toes. I got mine on the 11th. I was sad I couldn't add it.

I can't believe kindergarten for you next year. Crazy.

rebekah said...

That moss reminds me of all the gorgeous photos you took in Paris at that cemetery. Forgive me for having to refer to it as 'that cemetery.' I don't remember the name!

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