Thursday, May 06, 2010

day 3 of roommate reunion 2010

On Saturday, we had another leisurely morning. Jill slept in, finally getting some much-needed rest. Kristi and I finished her blog changes.

When we were all ready, we went to Salt Lake because Kristi hadn't been to Temple Square in a long time. (Truth be told, neither had I.)

The temple is beautiful in any season. I love the landscaping, and the seasonal changes seem heightened on Temple Square.

Jill and I were quite taken with the combination of flowers they have right now: pansies, tulips, phlox, English daisies, and poppies! I think of poppies as a summer flower – I wonder if they had to grow them in a greenhouse to have them blooming with the tulips?

I enjoy taking pictures of Jill taking pictures. It is just so Jill to me.

We couldn't get enough of the poppies!

So unexpected and pretty.

We enjoyed seeing the brides and grooms and their families. There were 66 weddings at the Salt Lake Temple last Saturday, and we found out from one of the workers that that is a relatively slow Saturday for them!

Jill was asked to take a photo for this family. They definitely asked the right person for the job.

Temple Square self-portrait. It was fun to realize that we were all sealed there!

Whenever I see a flag at half-mast, I always feel a little clueless because I usually don't know the reason.

Jill wanted to show us a great restaurant right across the street, but it turns out it is closed on Saturday! What the?

We went instead to the new flagship Deseret Bookstore, which is really beautiful and quite impressive. We ran into fellow blogger Shauna there, who we met last year at Women's Conference!

She suggested the Nauvoo Café for lunch. We followed her suggestion and found her with her two good friends there. (Personally, I thought the company and conversation were much better than the food. But then, I neglected to get the cookie that Shauna says is amazing.)

Jan, Jolyn and Shauna have been friends in Florida for 20 years! They have been coming to Women's Conference together for the last 3, just like us. It was great to talk to them. We discussed our favorite talks and classes, and talked about the gospel and motherhood. It was a long, enjoyable lunch.

After we parted ways, we drove South to meet up with Lisa P. and Kelly. They were starving, so we went to Chili's, but I couldn't eat a thing! It felt kind of funny to sit there all that time and have only a glass of water.

Kelly and Lisa are great company!

Lisa invited us to her beautiful home – she just moved in 5 weeks ago! They had cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy for us to sample. (By that time, I had just enough room to try a little of the vanilla and coconut varieties. Thumbs up.)

We had a tour of the house, complete with awesome backyard, and then sat and chatted some more on Lisa's comfy couches. We left only when we discovered that it was already 10:30. Lisa had to teach in the morning, and I had to go grocery shopping on the way home.

It was a marvelous three days, but they went by so fast! It was hard to part ways and know that it was all over.

It's such a great tradition we have going here: renewal of our friendship and spirits, connecting with other friends, learning together, and coming away feeling rededicated to improving ourselves and our lives for the better. I loved every minute of it.


rebekah said...

I love that the Church values beautifying our surroundings. Look at all of those gorgeous flowers! And they can be enjoyed by people of all walks of life. The beauty of nature invites the Spirit, for sure, and is one of the greatest 'freebies' that the Lord has given me.

Hold the bouquet looooower...I remember watching a wedding show and the planner kept telling the bride to remember to keep her bouquet low and near her waist. Now it's something that I worry about when I think of getting married.

That is so sweet that you were all sealed there, and even better that you are still friends. Look at all of the ways your lives have changed since then!

rebekah said...

Has given 'us'. Ha ha! I can't lay claim to the whole of nature.

crystal said...

As I have read your posts about the roomate weekend, I kept thinking how beautiful you looked all weekend! You, my friend, are a beautiful, effervescent woman.

If I didn't like you so much, I'd be jealous. Instead, I'm just glad for you!

patsy said...

I have loved every second of reading about this 3 day roomate weekend!

thanks for sharing... I've gotta get to temple square while everything is still blooming!!!

Bugg's mama said...

I LOVE Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. But not their sugar cookies. Just sayin', so you don't make that mistake. Unless you like almond extract in frosting. Then you may love them. Who knows? Oh, brother.

What a perfect roomie weekend.

Love, bree

Claudissima said...

wow....what a weekend. It is always fun to build new memories with the pictures, specially of the poppy wow....always enjoy your photos they are candy for moi! So happy that you guys had a great time together....

Shauna said...

Gorgeous Pics! It was great to have lunch with you, Jill, and Kristi. I aggree, the conversation was the best part!
And.....I FOUND the cookie recipe. I'll post in the next day or so.
I never did figure out why all the flags were at half mast.
I need to get posting about my weekend!
Same time next year!

Jill said...

Is it wrong to be nostalgic for something that just happened 6 days ago? It feels like it went by too fast and I wasn't done with it yet.

I really love that picture you took of the poppies straining up to the temple!

Price Cream Parlor said...

What a fun weekend you guys had! i love all the photo documentation as well as little snippets of what you did. What a great tradition you three have!
Loved finally seeing you in person at conference. You are just as gracious, beautiful and kind as I thought you were.

Fun to hang out with you guys!
...loving your temple flower photos!!

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