Friday, May 07, 2010


On Monday, I took Max in to get his braces.

These days, it seems like kids get braces in elementary school, but Max got his on at the end of 9th grade. My kids lose their teeth late and get their teeth late. Poor Max had 8 teeth pulled in one day a few years ago. His teeth finally came in and he was ready to have his work done.


A side note. When we walked into the orthodontist's office, the receptionist said, "Is that Eva? Congratulations, Eva! You won a prize!"

(The last time we were in the office, Eva entered a contest where she guessed the number of "beans" in the Beanie Baby. Apparently she won. Her guess was 15, so I'm thinking it might have been rigged... ) Anyway, she was completely thrilled and re-enacted the scene for each member of the family when we got home.

The palette of rubber band colors. To the surprise of no one, Max chose orange blast. You know, to match his Chucks.


I think he looks cute. He doesn't seem to mind the way they look, but he is in quite a bit of discomfort. He has a spreader in the roof of his mouth that we have to turn every day. The poor guy can't figure out how to eat with it in. He's sick of eating yogurt and applesauce, and he's hungry all the time. It's an adventure!


Raquel said...

poor kid. what a trooper. I am so glad I never had to have braces - I am way too much of a sissy.

Jill said...

How funny that Eva won that beanie baby, Whitney will be so jealous!

I hope Max's discomfort fades soon, I remember that hungry feeling all too well from when I got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. I ate A LOT of mashed potatoes!

lelly said...

he looks great!
i had braces... twice. including a "tongue crib" to train my tongue not to push my teeth forward when eating. i still remember trying to navigate a sandwich with that thing in.

Ciria said...

I had braces as a kid and it was awful. But what is even more so - I am in the process of getting them again.
The spreader is very frustrating. I have had mine in for six months and the eating does get better but the food is hard to get out. I feel for him!

jt said...

He looks cute! He still looks like himself, just with braces! And he'll be so glad he did it. It does hurt for a while, but after he cuts the inside of his mouth to bits it'll get used to the metal. Hang in there, Maxman!

Cara said...

All my 11 year old wanted for her birthday and Christmas were braces. When we took her in the ortho slapped braces on my husband and I as well. She has loved every min. cuz her teeth were so bad. I had no idea that she was so self conscious about it. Snack/food idea- mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC, beans and rice from any Mexican food joint, smoothies, and lots of milk shakes. Tell him it gets better after a few weeks he will be able to eat anything!

patsy said...

oh ouch!
I had braces too. But frankly his teeth looked good before too. With a spreader I'm sure he is in extra pain. Hang in there- it will be worth it!


Petey said...

Maren had to have a similar device when she got her braces. Perhaps she can give a few tips to help Max out.

Nikki said...

I feel your pain and Max's.

I remember always taking tylenol before an orthodontic appointment to get ahead of the pain and after teh appointment, rinsing with warm salt water to help toughen up my gums. (and baking myself cookies with extra flour in them to make them softer)

My oldest had an expander before getting braces. It was hell. She was miserable. She didn't eat. She got the expander the Monday before Thanksgiving. She was so upset that she couldn't eat all of her favorites. She spent the next month eating not much more than soup and chocolate protein shakes with peanut butter in them. We had to seriously beg the orthodontist to take it out. He finally did on the morning of Christmas Eve. Although the mouth was expanded enough by then he wanted to keep it in to hold everything in place. The poor girl had lost like 7 lbs and like Max, she didn't have that to lose in the first place. He finally relented and made her a retainer to hold it in place.

Sorry for the long story. Hope he figures it out soon. It took her until just a day or two before getting it out to figure out how to eat solids with it, but she has a very strong gag reflex so that didn't help. Most do better than her- hope Max does! :)

emily said...

Max does look cute! I can't believe how old he is. I'm glad that I dodged the braces bullet. They seem painful. I hope that you guys come up with some creative food solutions!

rebekah said...

Man, I remember those days...Picking out band colors, finding out which colors made my teeth look yellow (yuck), the unrelenting tightness, popping brackets, those little trays of wax to pack around the braces...braces are such a major production!!!

And then, two years later, it was finally over. Oi.

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